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    Blender sculpt vs. sculptris

    I'm trying put sculpttris and i want to know what it has that blender does not have, so I can decide when to use it, if i should at all.
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    Dynamic Tessellation

    Sculptris frees you from the need to worry about your model's geometry. As you model, Sculptris is constantly analyzing the surface to ensure that there are enough triangles to display the details that you're creating. If there aren't, Sculptris automatically divides the area under the brush while leaving the rest of the model unchanged. This also allows Sculptris to make better use of your computer's resources, since polygons are only added where they are needed.

    This dynamic dividing of the model doesn't only come into play when sculpting details. It's also used when you add volume to the surface, such as when pulling part of a character's forehead out to create horns. Where other programs stretch existing polygons to accomplish this, Sculptris adds new polygons and maintains an even polygon distribution to make future sculpting in that area easier.

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    sculptris have dynamic tasselation and it's more faster on scupt but blender have some more tool. I use together sculptris and blender for my arts, depending on wich level of detail I've to work

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    I just tried Sculptris for the first time and think it's a pretty neat program for beginners and advanced artists alike. The Dynatopo build of Blender seems to have all the features of Sculptris from what I can see though. Does anyone know of any advantages of using Sculptris over Blender? One disadvantage I can think of would be that people coming from a different program may have difficulties re-learning the key mapping making it harder to transition to Blender. Thoughts anyone?

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    Sculptris seems to handle higher poly counts much better than blender, but it is not modelling software. You can also do some neat tricks painting in sculptris, but you might need to bake the maps for it using xnormal. Sculptris seems to be a lot more tablet friendly and it doesn't have a lot of keys to use, so there probably won't be much confusion when switching back and forth between it and blender. Zbrush on the other hand...

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