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    Originally Posted by Sandking View Post
    Wouldn't it be better to edit first post, stick it and remove all the rest? It's kinda clunky when most links in the first post are dead and you need to move forward to reach to corrected ones.
    I said the same thing.. maybe my post isn't the greatest or most complete but the first two pages of this sticky are dead or so old that they are irrelevant.

    you could always change your options for the forum to post the last message first or get ahold of an admin and get the sticky changed.. idk.

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    I think you've done a goob job with it and someone should take a lookt at this thread. And well, I can myself change display options but if someone who don't know anything and wants to learn stumble upon a stack of dead links that might be a bit discouraging.

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    This post is really useful! Shouldn't the broken links be repaired though?
    I wanted to see the stuff on eyes, but all the links are broken!

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    I've never met Keith Lango, but consider him to be my greatest teacher. His videos are great!

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    Nice list,

    I think a nice compilation of beginner level animation-rigging videos would be very nice, too.

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    Why isn't anyone replacing, or at least removing these dead links? That's annoying.

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    Originally Posted by JamesAmI View Post
    Here's an excellent list of resources:
    Carlos Baena Animation Material
    This is neater than the pinned post. Thanks!

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    Way too many broken links. Wastes too much time. Please update.

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