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    Character Animation Crash Course By Eric Goldberg


    Both I consider modern masters.
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    This post is really of great help to artists to have new inspiration. Thanks a lot for your generosity.

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    Hey Hos , Thanks a lot for this Excellent Stuffs ! its very helpfull-really :-)

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    Some cool links to Books, Tutorials, and Reference Material from another forum:

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    Cool! What a post!

    Thanks everyone!


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    someone help me with animating a monkey

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    Most of the links in the OP are out of date. 404 File not Found

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    I hope not to re-post, but Ive found pretty useful for starting with animations, especially with walking cycles

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    a lot of the tutorials are dead <--- Home of Xade Tales, a rabbit cop discovers her destiny lies beyond law enforcement. A WIP webcomic and game.
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    Most Blender related tutorials are either very outdated or dead. Although I'm not a Blender beginner I have absolutely zero experience in rigging and animating models with this programs, and I'd like to see something which covers the basics.

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    Many of the links are no longer working or are really old; perhaps it's time to un-sticky this one

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    Wow:O Thank you

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    hi all.
    How to duplicate object with disk cached/and baked dynamics?

    If duplicate then bake disapears.

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    ThANK YOU SOooOOo Much!!

    Originally Posted by Nobody View Post
    This site gives a break down of martial arts moves I found it helpful i hope you will to.
    To make sure my animations looked really nice, I extracted frames from videos I downloaded from the internet. That's a lot of work, but this link you shared, makes things a a lot easier.


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    too bad most of the links in the 1st post are dead

    ne1 for changing them to newer available ones ?

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    thanks a million!!!!

    after a closer look, i realize i have actulay followed most of those tutorials back in the days when they were acurate. It's a good feeling thou. Back then many things, i just did. Without any form of comprehension. Today i realised my over all "grip" arround how blender and 3d graphic/motion work has become much better.

    ....yet there is soooo much i need to learn
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    Has anyone looked at revamping this sticky? There must be some up-to-date "MUST SEE" animation tutorials and info etc...
    I see thankfully that speroangelus found some fixes for the links to irrelevant tutorials on older versions of Blender.

    this sticky should be removed and replaced with something up to date imho.
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    I've gone through all of the posts in the 'How to get ahead in Character Animation' sticky and grabbed all of the working (relevant) links.
    Let me know if you have additions or that I've made an error or you've found a dead link.
    Feedback much appreciated, send your bookmarks to sites / tutorials that have influenced your current path.

    My goal would be to have the top 5 of each category and a completed category list. Possibly replace the obsolete sticky with a more relevant thread. I'm focusing on animation now so I'd like to lend some of my research into something useful here.

    For any Youtube related reference material you can add #t=XXmYYs (where XX is minutes 0 to 60 and YY is seconds 0 to 60) to point directly at the section of the video with the detail you are trying to illustrate. Here is an example

    Reference Images / Videos
    1) Physical Arts Reference Images & GIFS

    Intro to Animation & Animation Basics
    1) Blender Manual - Intro to Animation (Document)
    2) Blender Cookie Cube (Requires an account and to be logged in, Very basic Starter - Free, 6 Minutes).
    3) Viewport & Timeline (Comprehensive intro to Timeline and Animation tools including Posing Rig basics, Ghost Tool, Break Down, Push & Relax tools, Calculate / Clear & Visualize Character Motion Paths)
    4) Intros to Bone Animation & Shape Keys (Start to finish Animation including exporting PNG animation and Video Sequence Editor work to add sound. 25 Minutes)

    Graph Editor
    (Note: Two Dimensional Editor)
    1) Working With Graph Editor (Working with Interpolation; Bezier Spline & Curve Handle Types, Linear, Constant Extrapolation; Linear / Constant, Modifiers, Curve Snapshot, - 17 Mins)

    (Note: One Dimensional Editor)
    1) Adjust Timing and Values of Animation

    Action Editor
    1) Blender Manual - Action Editor
    2) Creating & Editing Actions for Re-Use
    3) How to use Actions in Your Animations

    Non-Linear Animation Editor
    1) Blender Manual - NLA
    2) Combining Actions in NLA
    3) Using NLA to Mix Actions

    Shape Keys & Drivers
    1) Blender Manual - Shape keys
    2) Shape Key Examples with Cube
    3) Shape Keys & Drivers on Face (no talking)
    4) Shape Keys Intro - Blender Cookie

    Armatures & Animation
    1) Blender Manual - Animating the Gingerbread man example
    2) Valve Developer Forum - Animation in Blender
    3) Armatures Crash Course
    4) Rigging, Contstraints & Weight Painting
    5) Character Rigging and Armature Setup
    6) Eyes
    ----a) Intro to Rigging (eyes)
    ----b) Rigging Eyes
    ----c) Eyes
    ----d) More Eye Rigging

    Pose Library & Lip Sync
    (Note: The Pose Library is stored as a series of Keyframes in the Action Editor)
    1) How To Use Pose Library - Basic Usage, Application from Pose Library to individual Righ Controllers
    2) Pose Library - Lip Sync
    3) Bake Sound to F-Curve

    Animation Resources
    1) - Live Action and Animation / Short films, animations, resources (recent updates)
    2) - 5 Doctors / Teachers blog (recent updates)
    3) Victor Navone's Online Gallery & Blog (recent updates)
    4) Animation World Network - CNN of Animation world (recent updates)
    5) Animation Nation - Lots of videos, another news site (recent updates)
    6) - News, and Free Stuff, Galleries (recent updates)
    7) - 3ds & Zbrush centric some Blender resources. Another cg news site (recent updates)
    8) - Cool animations (not new)

    Links To More Links
    4) (Not recently updated - good resources)
    5) - (Not recently updated - good resources)

    Animation Podcasts

    Cool Books
    1) Andrew Loomis (download in .rar format) (Successful Drawings, The Eye of the Painter, Creative Illustration, Drawing the Head & Hands, Figure Drawing for All it's Worth, Fun with a pencil - PDFs).
    2) The Animator's Survival Kit (Practical Animation Handbook, If you're going to get only 1, get this one!)
    3) Introducing Character Animation in Blender
    4) The Human Figure In Motion
    5) Animals In Motion
    6) Complete Human and Animal Locomotion
    7) Complete Human and Animal Locomotion Vol 2
    8) Complete Human and Animal Locomotion Vol 3
    9) The Illusion of Life
    10) Learning to Animate Cartoons Step - by - Step
    11) Something from Mancandy

    Tutorials General - I might make this into another post.. links to links with wicked awesome tutorials.

    Anyone know how we could get the sticky deleted and replaced with a new version?

    Below is the Manual topics from the animation section, I'll be using this as a guide and adding sections as I find material to go into them.

    Manual Topics to choose from

    Introduction to Animation
    Animation Basics
    Keying Sets
    1) Using Markers and Cameras
    Motion Paths

    Animation Editors
    Graph Editor
    - F-Curves
    - F-Modifiers
    - Editing
    Dope Sheet Editor
    - Dope Sheet
    - Action Editor
    - Shape Key Editor
    - Grease Pencil
    - Mask
    NLA Editor

    Animation Techniques
    Animating Objects
    - Using Constraints
    - Moving Objects on a Path
    Animating Shapes
    - Shape Keys
    -- Editing Shape Keys
    -- Animating Shape Keys
    -- Shape Key Examples
    - Indirect Shape Animation
    Animating Armatures
    - Motion Capture
    Animating Lamps
    Animating Cameras
    Animating Materials

    I also posted this message on it's own here.
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    Wouldn't it be better to edit first post, stick it and remove all the rest? It's kinda clunky when most links in the first post are dead and you need to move forward to reach to corrected ones.

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