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    Voxelated Particles.

    These two scripts Voxelate the active particle system attached to active object.

    First script
    : It creates Voxelated Meshes using two methods(Duplivert and Non-Duplivert).
    Its input region looks like this and is self explanatory.System console shows progress.
    start =1              #  Starting Frame.
    stop  =150            #  End frame.
    scale =1/5            #  Size of Voxels/Spatial grid.
    margin=0              #  Gap between voxels in percentage.
    Method='Duplivert'    # 'Non_Duplivert' method is much slower.
    Second script: It animates the meshes created by first script.You would again enter start and stop frame.I kept this script separate because if you use non duplivert method then things get slow, otherwise both can be merged

    start =1              #  Starting Frame.
    stop  =150            #  End frame.
    Here is video of effect.

    Scripts are in the attached blend file.Please test and provide feedback
    EDIT: I made a mistake in old blend(thesecond script had few code stubs).Fixed it and reuploaded.
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