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    Hey, great idea.
    I wouldn't mind throwing a few bucks into the pool if there's a chance to get some better coding tutorials. Maybe you could setup a paypal donation thingy?

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    Or kickstarter or another fundraising platform. =)

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    If you want to donate a reward / price,
    you can send me a pm with the details and I can incorporate this as a price/reward if this is what you intent to do.

    A kickstarter / fundraising platform is a great idea, but I do not think this will function for this video competition.

    Yet I have the following intentions / goals:
    - the sourcerers competition has the intention to collect and document and share knowledge about Blender Source Development;
    - the collected knowledge then can be used for the following competition:
    ---> Blender Sourcerer Development;
    [ This will be a new competition focusing on, and to stimulate, the actual development of Blender / BGE ]

    A kick starter will function parallel to this? (for actual problem that should/could/need to be addressed?
    We are already collecting requests here and there, so organizing some kick-starter crowd-sourcing initiatives would be a logic next step?
    after we collected and shared knowledge, were able to play with it and then to actual make something useful out of it?

    An example on going at this very moment:
    Fund raising and Roadmap of Image Layers for Blender

    I would recommend to first focus on collecting / documenting / spreading knowledge.
    Since this will help to build a better foundation.

    Then to extend this knowledge and put it to good use.

    Any other ideas / thoughts on any of this?
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    Now also on Blender Nation did you see an other article? Make sure to link it here so we can provide a link back in appreciation and others can read it as well. Thanks!

    In the comments on Blender Nation there are hints towards a creating a training set on this subject. Which is something that also crossed my mind.
    Perhaps that we can use the aforementioned crowd sourcing idea to fund a complete training set on the subject ourselves?

    Blender Sourcerers - Part 1,.. -the training series-,.. soon available in a store near you?

    If we can crowdsource o finance this, we could present this to the Blender Foundation to sell it in the store providing some profits for the Blender Development.

    What is your opinion on this?

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    Current video taking the lead with 2,590 views on youtube !

    We have 2 video's competing so far, 3 prices,
    so I can't wait to see who is willing to through in some competition!

    end of competition is END of APRIL!
    So don't waste valuable views
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    An other video idea, based on some issues raised here:
    Blender - open source = problem? here were some issues mentioned about changes between versions and the problem bringing addons and extensions up to speed with the changes.
    So the idea:
    A video informing about the changes and how to update an existing AddOn / feature to the latest version of Blender?

    PS: after two videos were submitted the entries stalled, anything we can do about this? Or something that needs to be addressed?
    -- 1 contestant and 3 prices, so there are prices for two more participants --
    -- So for time being this almost kind of equals enter and win? (unless more then two enter of course) --
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    BTW I understand some ppl worry about their English skills:
    here is an advice:
    do not worry about your English skills.

    You can make good videos without using English, many videos are self explanatory even without audio.
    If you create a video in your native tongue (the language you speak daily),
    then others might be able to step in and translate the audio.

    Most important is to collect the knowledge and spread this by video.


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    Originally Posted by Crumpet View Post
    after two videos were submitted the entries stalled, anything we can do about this? Or something that needs to be addressed?
    I think videos aren't the best format for learning programming/development. It's hard to demonstrate code snippets and to talk about them. A written tutorial can easily present lines of code and follow it up with a few lines of explanation. You also have to keep going back to sections, which means with a video you keep having to pause and skip back. To see any lines of code clearly, it needs to really be high resolution and viewed full screen. Not everyone can record or stream at a rate. And because it's fullscreen you can't have the tutorial and you IDE open and infront of you at the same time. Also, not everyone reads a whole tutorial but will skip to sections that cover what they're trying to do, it can be a pain trying to find the right point in a video.

    Ultimately, I think it's something that's easier to talk about than it is to visually demonstrate. I could write a tutorial about setting up the SDL library but I couldn't do a video tutorial on it. First off, it would be very dull, secondly, there really isn't much to see in the first place.

    Finally, development/programming not always fast, as Ideasman42 said in one of his videos: doing a video tutorial on adding a modifier would take hours.

    Ideasman42's videos are awesome and really helpful, but they focus more on setting up and finding things which lends it's self well to visual demonstration.

    I suggest opening up the format to any type of tutorial. Personally, Id like to see more written tutorials on Blender development than video tutorials.

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    Thanks a lot for your feedback!

    The idea to do videos is because from what I understand there is a lot of documentation and it isn't always easy to go through all these, while some persons prefer video's, and there isn't a lot of video material out there.
    And see the amount of views on the first video:
    2,745 in 11 days
    This averages on 250 views per day, if every person views it 10 times, then it is still 25 viewers per day..
    In relation to the amount of Blender developers in existence: this translates to a (very) high interest on the subject, especially seen the very specific subject covered?

    Also there could easily be more start-up videos (aiming, where to start, how to start developing, where can you find resources, how to set things up to get started, et cetera). The subject doesn't always have to be very code specific to guide others through the initial start up problems?
    Videos showing how to get started are better to show in video then on documentation in my opinion. But I understand then when the subjects dive into specific parts of coding, then it would be harder to follow along, due to the copious amounts of code.
    But remember these video's do not need to tackle how to become a programmer (there is a lot of material for this available, right?)
    That said having a few videos how to start with coding with blender for the very beginners won't hurt either.

    Originally Posted by battery View Post
    I suggest opening up the format to any type of tutorial. Personally, Id like to see more written tutorials on Blender development than video tutorials.
    What do others feel about this?
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    Any type of Blender specific information would be welcomed by me, whether text or video. Both have their advantages. Probably most of us who have some coding experience don't necessarily need to go over structures, *pointers, arrays and the like, but rather the little things that often go unmentioned. Seeing the use of QT Creator IDE while watching ideasman42's vid was an eye-opener for me, but it's also one of those things that would probably never be mentioned at all in a written tutorial. After all, an IDE is an IDE right? Also, hearing the thinking process as comments during the vid was easier to follow then a problem being presented as a block of code, with the reasoning left up to the reader. I hope this makes sense...

    But text tutorials can be poured over variable by variable, function by function in a way that vid makes difficult, they're static for reflective pondering, and heck, far easier to read in bed , so they definitely have a major place in the process too.

    So, to answer your question in the most vague manner possible, I like learning from both approaches -- as long as it's Blender specific.
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    Thanks for your input!

    That is what I was hoping for,.. and for the the video's which require chunks of code, feel free to include this as attachment in the post with the video submission.
    Maybe that makes it easier to follow along?

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    [VIDEOS] Blender Sourcerers Videos has a third video entry by moerdn.
    This is yet an other inspiring video helping you out with good practice and spreads need to know knowledge!

    Thanks (again) to the creators of these video's, your contributions to the community are appreciated!

    Anyone considering to make a video, just do! Don't be afraid to make a mistake or ten and it is no problem if it isn't in the best of English, or not in English at all! Every video (both good and bad) will (still) help others, both experienced and aspiring developers to learn from their and maybe your mistakes.

    So show us your mistakes and whether you have found a solution for this, or require some help to tackle or improve on these. Good luck and thanks in advance, the community development depends on your contributions too!

    The intention is to spread knowledge, and the more knowledge we can gather and spread, the faster more new knowledge will become available to you and others!
    We still have one out of 3 prices waiting for a you!

    And before I forget it:
    make sure to comment and link the youtube video's.
    Share these with others, put them on your facebook and make sure to blog about them!
    This is not only helpful for the development of Blender, but also does pay some respect to the authors!

    A cross link reference: Training new developers - some resources a thread with a lot of DEV resources!
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    Not a video, but in the same spirit I've started writing up some notes on my Blender development style:

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    Not a video, but just as interesting! (yet make a video talking about it and informing how it works would be interesting though)

    I've took the liberty to cross link the resource you provided at this thread: Training-new-developers-some-resources

    Thanks for sharing!

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    We have an other video entry, by demohero, thank you!
    Originally Posted by demohero View Post
    * Download source code with Tortoise SVN
    * Edit code with QT Creator.
    * Changing the color of the little triangle widget
    * How to compile Blender with Cmake-gui
    Check the thread: [VIDEOS] Blender Sourcerers Videos for the video.

    And as always, make sure to comment on the youtube videos and link them in your blogs tweets and on facebook.

    I guess this is where we do this for:
    Originally Posted by apostolique1
    I never thought it was as easy as that to get started with developing Blender. Great video!
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    Current stats:

    3 competitors
    4 videos

    Statistics by Views (50%) - Votes (50%)
    Positions so far determined by Views only, order on video's (not participant):

    Learning to Navigate Source & Simple Fix
    By - ideasman42
    Views: - 3,021 (04 April 2012)

    Tips on Searching/Navigating Blenders Code
    By - ideasman42
    Views: - 349 (04 April 2012)

    Navigate Source Code and Compile Blender
    By - demohero
    Views - 161 (04 April 2012)

    Blender Hacking BGE - Implementing global Scripts for init and cleanup routines
    By - moerdn
    Views - 117 (04 April 2012)

    Don't you agree with the current order?
    You can help to get more views by promoting and "like" or "+1" the video's or comment on them!
    Help your favorite video to win, the views count will help to get your favorite video on a higher position, making it more likely your favorite video will win!
    And promoting the video's will help to stimulate the Blender Development.

    Each video will get additional "votes" based on the order, determined by the amount of views on youtube.
    This views-order will count as 50% of the end result.
    Beside this each competitor will get 2 votes, which need to be rewarded to one ( 2 votes) or two (1 vote each) competing videos by the hand of the other competitors (can't vote or your own video's).
    Resulting in an vote-order, which will be combined with the views-order.
    If a tie, the first submitted video (post date+time) will break (and thus win) the tie.

    So make sure to help out to get your favorite video to the first position!

    Or better yet, create your own video and win yourself!
    Don't wait too long before posting, the earlier you post, the more views you can gather

    Some reactions, quoted from youtube comments, to inspire
    Originally Posted by ADEdge
    Nice, videos like this are definitely very helpful. There needs to be more stuff like this, for budding developers who aren't quite sure where/how to start.
    Originally Posted by agustinbs
    This is the kind of blender development videos we need!
    Originally Posted by BenJLind3D
    This was interesting. Thank you!
    Originally Posted by apostolique1
    I never thought it was as easy as that to get started with developing Blender. Great video!
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    We have an other video entry, by sphaero, thank you!

    Originally Posted by sphaero View Post
    Here's my addition. A 2 part tutorial:

    1. Intro to Blender source, part 1: setting up codeblocks IDE (Easy 11min)
    2. Intro to Blender source, part 2: patching BGE capture support (Intermediate 28min)

    Done on a Linux Ubuntu Lucid machine... shouldn't be too different on other platforms

    Part 1: Setting up and getting started
    Part 2: patching BGE video capture

    - fixing ffmpeg capture support 2:26
    - adding extra option to BGE python api 5:13
    - updating API documentation 19:45
    - some general tips about svn and codeblocks 24:38
    Check the thread: [VIDEOS] Blender Sourcerers Videos for the video.

    Remember: you can help to get your favorite author to a better position to win, by increasing the views on youtube.
    Now to do this? Watch the video yourself and then make sure you get others to view the video's as well:

    Make sure to comment the video's on youtube and link them on your facebook page and in your blogs!

    Good luck and thanks for helping out!

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    Some idea that popped up when I saw this:
    Could be also done for Blender?
    Also a map showing the modules and structure of blender

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    Good idea, a video talking us through this, would be very interesting!

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