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    2 Weeks left to enter the competition and to submit (more) videos!
    So make sure to increase your youtube views by promoting the videos to get a benefit in the end voting!

    Also consider helping out your favorite author by promoting and commenting your favorite video's.

    Good luck and enjoy!

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    The competition is almost over, 10 days......

    If you are considering to create a video, now is the time to do it.
    The video's sa for vary in views from:
    41 - a video by sphaero
    3388 - a video by ideasman42

    If you think certain video's deserve an advantage in the competition,
    the video's will get an advantage based on the amount of views in youtube.
    So you can help the author getting an advantage, by increasing the amount of views your favorite video on youtube.

    How? Just promote the video's you like and help tp increase traffic.
    By doing so you not only help the author, but also help the Blender in community in general.

    So make sure to blog about and link to your favorite video's!
    Perhaps do a review about the competition and get the word out. Just 10 days to go so rather do it now then later.

    To check out the video's created and participating so far:
    [VIDEOS] Blender Sourcerers Videos

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    One week to go!
    Some inspiration as posted on Blender Nation
    Blender Sourcerers Competition
    Compete with your skills by making a video about your recipes to help get others starting into the magical wonderland of the Blender Source Development. And help others to start cooking up their own recipes. Or let more experienced magicians see how it is done the proper way!

    Why is the Blender Sourcerers Contest?
    The Blender Sourcerers Contest helps to stimulate the development of the Blender source, by spreading knowledge. The resulting video’ s will help to address difficulties for the Blender Sourcerers apprentices, (also known as noobs, newbies or rookies). But also will this take off the load of the existing Blender Sourcerers, those who’ s magic time is too precious to steal. At the same time, developers can learn from each other and gain from new fresh blood which might be that missing ingredient for their potion. Learn, help to learn and learn some more is the thought behind this competition. With the overall winner, the Blender community.

    For who is the Blender Sourcerers Contest?
    The Blender Sourcerers Contest is a contest for experienced developers of the Blender Source, the Sourcerers in this competition. But also for those apprentices just diving into the Blender potion making, trying to cook up their first recipes. By sharing the experiences so far, others can more easily catch up to speed. And start stirring around in your kettle, take a little sip to find out what is missing. So open up your kitchens and let’s see what’ s brewing.

    How to participate?
    You can compete by posting your video in the [VIDEOS] Blender Sourcerers Videos thread. No explanation, no discussion, just implement your video. And stick to the rules described below. Only submit your own video’s.

    Rules and more information:
    [CONTEST] Blender Sourcerers Competition

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    The 28th today,.. the competition ends at 1 May, so two days left to enter the competition, or to make a change for your favorite author (by increasing their youtube views).
    So get your last blog posts out to promote your favorite author and get the video of your choice getting ahead start.

    Good luck everyone!

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    [CONTEST] Blender Sourcerers Competition - May 2k12 - closed

    [CONTEST] Blender Sourcerers Competition - May 2k12 - closed
    It is the 1st of May, so the Blender Sourcerers Video Competition has come to an end.
    It is no longer possible to enter this competition, but of course you can keep making those video's!

    We have had a few interesting entries and the competing video's do seem to address what it is we were looking for:
    to help out starting Blender developers.
    Make it easier to dive in and start Blender development.

    Thank you all for competing, promoting and helping out!

    Time to gather some numbers:
    As mentioned before, the competition will judge based on two numbers:
    The youtube views and votes from the authors themselves.
    The youtube views will put the participants in order, while the author votes will determine the final resulting order.

    The stats:
    Current views on youtube, per 1 May 2012:

    ideasman42: 3961 views
    - 3550 (Learning to Navigate Source & Simple Fix)
    - 411 (Tips on Searching/Navigating Blenders Code)

    moerdn: 207 views
    - 207 (Blender Hacking BGE - Implementing global Scripts for init and cleanup routines)

    demohero: 314 views
    - 314 views (Navigate Source Code and Compile Blender)

    sphaero: 164 views
    - 105 (Intro to Blender source, part 1: setting up codeblocks IDE)
    - 59 (Intro to Blender source, part 2: patching BGE capture support )

    Initial order
    The youtube views results in the following order:

    #1: ideasman42 (3961 views)
    [ 3 points + 0 votes = 3 points ]

    #2: demohero (314 views)
    [ 2 points + 0 votes = 2 points ]

    #3: moerdn (207 views)
    [ 1 points + 0 votes = 1 points ]

    #4: sphaero (164 views)
    [ 0 points + 0 votes = 0 points ]

    Author votes:
    Now it is time for the participants to vote:
    Each author gets two (2) votes, these votes can, to choice, be rewarded to either 1 author (2 votes) or divided for two authors (1 vote/author).
    However the authors can not reward the votes to themselves.

    The votes will be added to the current youtube-views based order, resulting in a top 3 with a first, second and third place.
    In the event of a shared position, the author posting a video first (post date of the competition entry) will be prioritized (rewarded half a point), hence be the winner breaking the tie.

    The four authors can reward 2 votes, to any of other authors, either by sending a PM (to Crumpet) or by posting their vote in reply to this thread.
    If posting in this thread, you are not allowed to edit/modify the message, so think before you post.
    -Please provide your votes within 2 weeks, but rather sooner then later, thank you!-

    All four participants: you have two (2) votes, you can reward to either 1 or 2 authors.
    (In case of winning please make sure to provide me with your Paypal address to collect the price and do so before 1st of June 2012.)

    Good luck and thanks for sharing!

    Thank you all for competing, promoting and helping out!
    And don't forget: it is still possible to create and share awesome video's!
    Last edited by Crumpet; 01-May-12 at 10:33.

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    Still some votes not received, so please keep those votes coming in! Thank you

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    @ideasman42: I can not pm you, so please make sure to provide your votes (2 votes, which can either be rewarded to one author [2 votes] or to 2 authors [1 vote/author], but you can not vote for yourself).

    And in the case you win, make sure to provide your paypal address as well.

    Thank you.

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    Ok, 1 point for ideasman42 and 1 point for moerdn.

    Good luck to everyone

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    Thanks almost all votes are in, and a top 3 is starting to form.

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    I've altered the original thread:
    [VIDEOS] Blender Sourcerers Videos

    So it now is a resource for others to use and hopefully learn from.
    Feel free to keep submitting your video's so that others can gain from your knowledge like you've gained knowledge from the currently available video's. Thanks for sharing!

    (Perhaps the original thread could become a sticky, to keep the video's available and under attention?)

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    Still waiting for some votes:
    1 vote of moerdn; 2 votes of ideas42

    I would like to reward the prices so please provide your votes, thank you
    (and while you are at it, please provide me your paypal address in case you won a price)

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    I guess it will go to ideasman. So its like it would have been donated to blender foundation... so we all win!!

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    Btw, congratulations for the contest and the contestants. The videos will be very useful for those (as me) that want to start coding for blender.

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    Votes not received by the end of this month (May) will not be taken into account.
    I will announce the winners first week of next month (June).

    Price winners make sure to PM your Paypal address!
    And please do so before 8 June.
    (I only received 1 paypal address so far and still lack some votes)

    I will donate not collected prices to the Blender Foundation.

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    what can we do now to help the participants? share the videos?for me it would be very important to become familiar with navigating in the source code, compile and know where to look for what in the source code so it is easier for devleopers=)

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    Blender Sourcerers competition

    ok, time to announce the winner(s) and reward the prices.

    The video's were received as useful according to the comments they received.
    So with 4 participants and 6 video's I think we can call this contest a success.

    Thanks (again) to all participants and followers.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and thoughts and of course for helping to promote and stimulate Blender development.

    All video's were released under open licenses, so feel free to share these:
    [VIDEOS] Blender Sourcerers Videos

    Include the video's in your collections so they will survive the sands of time, and of course I hope these video's will keep inspiring you and others to keep making new video's and other documentation to help others out. Together we stand strong.

    Time to go to the final details.
    We still lack some votes / paypal addresses. So as mentioned before:
    not collected prices will be donated to the Blender foundation in the winners name.
    Not rewarded votes sadly can't be taken into account, but luckily these probably wouldn't have made a huge difference either way.
    As closing argument:
    we have organized and participated to stimulate Blender development, which goal has been achieved so the overall winner is the Blender community. Thanks!

    Before the voting the situation was as follows:

    Initial order
    The youtube views results in the following order:

    #1: ideasman42 (3961 views)
    [ 3 points + 0 votes = 3 points ]

    #2: demohero (314 views)
    [ 2 points + 0 votes = 2 points ]

    #3: moerdn (207 views)
    [ 1 points + 0 votes = 1 points ]

    #4: sphaero (164 views)
    [ 0 points + 0 votes = 0 points ]

    After voting the rewarded votes and views make up this result:


    #1: ideasman42 (3961 views)
    [ 3 points + 3 votes = 6 points ]

    #2: moerdn (207 views)
    [ 1 points + 2 votes = 3 points ]

    #3: demohero (314 views)
    [ 2 points + 0 votes = 2 points ]

    #4: sphaero (164 views)
    [ 0 points + 0 votes = 0 points ]

    Congratulations to the winners and a huge thank you to all participants!

    As far as the prices go:
    I didn't receive the paypal address for #1 and #2, which prices will be donated to the Blender Foundation. And in this manner it will kind of end up with the winners after all.

    Perhaps the video thread can become a sticky thread, so the video remain a source for everyone interested?
    [VIDEOS] Blender Sourcerers Videos


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    Hey All,

    Very nice video tutorials but let me ask a "Meta-Data" question: what would the best practice be to make such tutorial.

    I tried camstudio, but if I record desktop the file is massive in size, even for 2-3 minutes recording, if I try to convert to flash, everything is lost anyway, what would you recommend?



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