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    [VIDEOS] Blender Sourcerers Videos

    Blender Sourcerers Videos
    This thread gathers videos to help others to get started or to improve their Blender Source skills.

    How to submit a video?
    1] Upload a video on Youtube, preferably under a CC and/or GPL license, so that others are free to download, modify and share the video free of charge.
    2] Submit the video by including it in a post you reply on this thread.
    With every video you post, provide a proper title describing the content of the video and provide the appropriate skill level (combinations of skill level are allowed!).
    See below for which skill levels are allowed.

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    But start your own new thread instead to comment or discuss!)

    The skill levels
    [Very Easy] - Start up video containing the required steps to get started, including finding and setting up the software.
    [Easy] - Covers everything you need to know, explain every step of the way.
    [Intermediate] - Covers most steps, but assumes you already do know a thing or two.
    [Advanced] - Assumes you are advanced enough to follow along without in depth explanation.
    [**Special**] - Specialized subjects, in depth topics or anything that doesn't quite fit any other skill level above, either by content or because of the hardcore skill-set required to follow along.

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    Thanks for sharing! When you found this interesting, consider sharing your own video's to help others like you've been helped here. In this manner we can keep growing and expand our knowledge base. Thank you!

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    [Easy / Intermediate - 15min]
    This is an example of how to investigate a small issue in blenders source code and make a fix, hopefully useful for anyone interested in getting involved in blender development.

    note - you'll want to watch high res version to read text!
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    [Intermediate - 15min]
    Searching navigating the source, found this a lot harder to do then the previous and am not so happy with it, nevertheless think it may be helpful to others.

    again, be sure to use highest res possible.
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    [Easy / Intermediate - 8min]

    Implementing a feature for the BGE. With it, the game developer can register global scripts to the world or later to scenes. A easy to use way to have some sorts of init and cleanup scripts. No need to create any object and logic bricks for it.

    Easy: ~50 lines of code. the patch is linked on youtube, so you can look at all files that are affected
    Intermediate: fast walk through, not that much of explanation

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    Here is my tutorial (Easy-Intermediate)


    * Download source code with Tortoise SVN
    * Edit code with QT Creator.
    * Changing the color of the little triangle widget
    * How to compile Blender with Cmake-gui


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    Here's my addition. A 2 part tutorial:

    1. Intro to Blender source, part 1: setting up codeblocks IDE (Easy 11min)
    2. Intro to Blender source, part 2: patching BGE capture support (Intermediate 28min)

    Done on a Linux Ubuntu Lucid machine... shouldn't be too different on other platforms

    Part 1: Setting up and getting started

    Part 2: patching BGE video capture
    - fixing ffmpeg capture support 2:26
    - adding extra option to BGE python api 5:13
    - updating API documentation 19:45
    - some general tips about svn and codeblocks 24:38

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