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    Originally Posted by BrikBot View Post
    More like an F-4 Phantom with a hint of F-14, but still really, really cool.

    That's what I was thinking also. Very nice model!!!! Keep it up!!! I long for the animation!!!

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    Very nice indeed. I am working on an aircraft myself (the Boeing 767) at the moment. Any tips on how to shape the wing? because I find that quite challeging with the flaps/slats and spoilers.

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    Only about 4 hours! That's really great work. Perhaps a bit of blur and even some lens distortion could make it look more "photographically" realistic.

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    looks like something off 'Stealth'

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    Nice job! Looks very nice.

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    looks real ! incredible works !

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    I like it
    Keep up the good work

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    did u animate

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    wow so much work into it! Very nice

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    Great work!

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    Pretty awesome, crazy that only took 4 hours. Any other projects like this on the go?

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    It's fantastic. I like the coloring of the plane very much and how well it fits with the background.
    4 hours ? I wish I grow to be as time efficient as you are.

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    Awsome job! That looks like taken from robotech!
    Would love to see an animation of it!

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    Wow man, I wish I could do smooth curved surfaces like these. I have been working for months now on some models and can't get it right!

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