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Thread: For Cycles and combining Live Footage and Reflections...

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    For Cycles and combining Live Footage and Reflections...

    Is there a built in way to take a live footage or photo and to have your 3D object and be able to add its reflection into the footage Using Cycles? Example I have live Footage with a glossy floor that is reflective. That is in the live Footage so I want my CG object to be reflected in that. I know in the normal Render Engine its there but I don't see it yet in Cycles? I saw the Shadow one and got that to work. Just wondering if its in and I am missing something or if it is not in the current release but will be later?

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    this is my setup for combining cg and real footage:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    You need to set your own footage and world texture (to big to attach).
    Dont forget to run the tracker again and reconstruct plane etc..
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    Good work dave! I didn't think it was possible to composite reflections without the use of BI. It's strange though, I tried a similar method some time ago and it didn't work. After I took a look at your file and tried again, voilą! Thanks a bunch!

    Also, here's the method I used:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My compositing tutorials:
    Compositing shadow/reflection

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    Very, very smooth. Really, really helpful Dave.

    Crap. Now I've got to go back and change a bunch of files to get this in there!

    Thanks again guys!

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    Dave62 and Daccy again thanks I will be testing this out later. So Sweet Totally thanks.

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