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Thread: Measuring tool in Blender

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    Measuring tool in Blender

    Is there any tool or way in Blender to measure distances between objects/vertices/edges/faces and/or a way to measure the length of edges or loops?

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    I think someone was working on a script to do that. There used to be one for 2.49. You might be able to find the script somewhere to download.

    If you cant find it, you can take the 3D coordinates and put them in your calculator ( D = sqrt(X^2 + Y^2 + Z^2) ), but that's a pain if you need to do it more than once.

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    If you are using the newer Blender, 2.5 or 2.6 - you can use a tool to measure but stay alert because it can cause glitches sometimes.

    Start up Blender with the default scene and dont change anything - then go to the file menu and go to User Preferences and the Addons tab.

    On the Addons tab go to 3D View and then check the box next to the Measure panel, then Save as Default.

    Now when you press the N key with the mouse over the 3D window, and open the on screen menu, you will be able to activate the button for measure.

    The measure tool can measure the distance from the cursor to the selected object, so just play with the SHIFT S menu to align the cursor to whatever you need, but it will be object center.

    If you want a precise measure, rip out a vertex or edge fromwhat you need to measure and play with the cursor using two vertices or two edges. Just ideas, I hope you can get it done.

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    I'd also like to point out there are settings in the tools menu "N" to where you can enable edge length & angle.
    I do remember sometimes the numbers of 2 separate functions don't jive. I was going to investigate this but learned to work round it.

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