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    GPU rendering on an ATI Radeon (Cycles)?

    Hello. I have an HP Pavilion Elite 240f running with an ATI Radeon HD 5570 graphics card with 1 GB DDR5 graphics memory.

    Iíve wanted to test out cycles with my computer for quite awhile now, but I could not figure out how to operate cycles using my computerís GPU. I could not find the option to switch between CPU and GPU, only finding I can switch between supported and experimental feature set, so I thought my computer does not support rendering with GPU. After some research, I figured out my graphics card does not support CUDA, but I did find out my card does support Open Cl. According to an article I found, if I enable OpenCL on my graphics card, I will be able to use my computerís GPU to render images in cycles. I could not find full instructions on how to get Blender to render images using my computerís GPU, so how can I enable Open CL on my graphics card and get it to work with Blender?

    Also, based on my computers specs, is it even worth it to configure my computer to render using GPU?

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    Hey there! I have an AMD Radeon HD 5650, and the way I managed to get OpenCL to show up in the tab was to install the newest driver here:
    It works for the 5600 series (mine is 5650) so it should work for the 5500 series as well, which includes your card.
    Unfortunately, I choose the 'rendered' tab in Cycles for the realtime view and it says something about the OpenCL build failing or something.
    Though hopefully it works for you!

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    It won't work properly even after tweaking.

    There are a couple of threads, do a search if you are interested in trying.
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    from reading other post and things since cycles has came out that i am aware of it can only render off of your gpu if your graphics card is cuda enabled witch is with nivdia graphics cards but iam not sure if there is another way to use other graphic cards yet but hope this could help a little bit

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