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Thread: Dyntopo tests

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    Just thinking on throwing this brush here before life can at me like ...
    And it is pretty difficult tutorial to follow since you have to dance and follow the tutorial :P

    by Grinsegold

    The brush stitches image for larger version. 

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    Oh my god my booty had not shaken this much since long. Nice, thanks for the tut !

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    I just found this free Hard Surface Brushes pack, I'm not sure if it can be useful for blender. I currently do not have a stable internet connection to download and try it out:

    And maybe this is more useful for a final model with multires, but I did not know where to share this

    @erickBlender , thanks!
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    Hey guys, posting this video here so anyone ghosting this forum thread looking for dynto stuff can watch it. Thanks.

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    Hi I'm not sure where to post this but I have been working on a patch which lets you map brush strength's pressure to a curve, very useful for cloth sculpting. Here's a demo:

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    iceking, nice vid, enjoyed watching that!!
    radioactive, that looks neat. seams like a handy feature for cloth sculpting. would like to try it out.

    here's my 2 latest dyntopo sculpts. both lunch crunch sculpts with super quck turnarounds.

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    hi radioactive, very useful to have,like "fade stroke" brush dynamics in gimp.will it work with mouse?

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