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Thread: Dyntopo tests

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    Small steps steps ...

    Nice work Doris BTW

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    Hey Michalis would you mind if I turned your marble shade into a custom node group?

    Basically it turns this-

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Into this-

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It lets users understand the controls better and gives more control over all the aspects of the shader. Just wondering.

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    phoenix how would you do that? i would like do that with my shaders too that have so many nodes in them.

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    I don't mind at all. Thanks phoenix. Cycles SSS is under heavy development though. Many will change soon.
    BTW We're facing more serious issues using SSS based shaders. Try to apply the marble material on the face and on the eye balls.
    You'll see the problem. Then, select both and join the objects. Now it works fine. But, this is not a solution, you can't join multires meshes by example. I think, it's an object space related issue.
    For instance object 1 , object2. n=the scale on SSS node
    Dimensions (x1*y1*z1)/(x2*y2*z2)= n1/n2
    Eye balls should be separated, two objects.

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    Hades: cool works.
    I have tried to sculpt one, but i totally failed.
    I have problems with sculpting beards!

    Neo-classical props and style: Let's pretend that she is the wife of Hades: Persephone.

    Attachment 237249
    Attachment 237248Attachment 237247

    It's very difficult to have smooth surfaces with dyntopo.
    Still a lot to do, in front view the sculpt is horrible.

    about 200k

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    this is really really welldone sculpt.

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    filou.rod, that looks good!
    i wonder how you started that. did you start with a modeled base, the skin modifier for base, or just a subdivided cube?

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    filou.rod, whe is wonderful already, hades will be happy! ...

    more on my hades... i don't know if i want retopo that hair... lol..

    Click image for larger version. 

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    They way I do it is using node groups. Here is a link to a pretty good tutorial on the subject. In the tutorial he is building an Ubershader but explains node groups pretty well-

    Thanks Michalis! What parts of the shader would be important to you to make sliders? Maybe the SSS scale, glossy color, I could even do a marble hue slider. Idk, what would you like to be in it?

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    Very good Doris!!
    @Phoenix, I'm not sure. All these are needed, I guess. The addition of the translucent node is important. But, I still make changes.

    OK, LOL I used the dragon-dog (inspired by Doris's dragon sketch)

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    Wow nice! I like his beard!

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    great michalis, i was too thinking of including the 3head
    phoenix, thanks for the link, i will check it out :-)

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    Amazing works Filou, Doris and Michalis !

    GreekX, very promising scene and angle of view, it builds the atmosphere nicely.

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    thanks everybody!i started it with a low poly basemesh
    doris and michalis: great sculpts!
    cerberus as a bonus, a maserpiece!

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    Attachment 237370

    c&c are welcome

    and michalis great work there as always

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    its look great so far greekfx.

    @doris great work,love the hair
    @michalis,very nice sculpting,love the fluidity
    @filou wow! one of these days I need to attempt a full figure using skin modifier.

    I decided to start again.Heres where i'm at,I've just gone into edit mode and rotated the head,given him a rough smirk,so gotta resculpt the neck, appreciated.

    Last edited by ng-material; 31-May-13 at 21:27.

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    @ng-material: It looks awesome, I think the ears need some work, anyway everything looks in place, I like a lot how you used the light, great job .

    This is not actually a dynotopo test, just a regular sculpt, I didn't know where to post it so here it is:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    ok, i am so frustrated from the shrinkwrap modifier, spend a whole afternoon for nothing :-( ... i made a beautiful retopo, and the multires but shrinkwrap is not able to project this simple face to the retopo (i am speaking of only the face here!!! not the hair!!) ... i tried in zbrush, it was no problem at all, of course. however in blender, i get the weirdest results, the nose seems be such a wierd thing, shrinkwrap cannot get any decent results here. it mashes the polygons together and disrespects the volumes, and and and not even the eyes come out fine, only the chin and the cheeks get project ok, it is a desaster ... so, this is my final for the challenge, still everything dynatopo, as ... see.. above... :-( ... i need do something else to cool down...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I haven't notice any significant difference between shrinkwrap and zb project modifiers. I wonder what happened here. You obviously used project (positive negative On) mode, right? Can you post a result of this swrinkwrapping?
    BTW, in many cases, I had ugly results in zbrush project. It was hard to fix them. All these depend on the retopology both of the subdivided cage and the original sculpt. I always cross my fingers when either use blender or zbrush projections.
    When you tried to import in zbrush (just saying) did you had a warning about doubled on not welded vertices? Zbrush ca fix such issues automatically. Dyntopo started producing dirt again. Have you noticed it?

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    yes, zbrush said it would like delete 18 vertices from the dynatopo, and i allowed that. zbrush projected the mesh perfectly, just one click with the standard settings ... here is what blender does, and i fiddled around the afternoon to get it right. no luck. everything i did made it even worse

    Name:  shrinkwrap.jpg
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