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Thread: Dyntopo tests

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    I use a 53892 build. About multires modifier, they already paid attention. The majority of blender sculptors use exactly this. Dyntopo is new and quite optional.
    OK, this started as a dyntopo sculpting. Retopo and multires. UVs and displacement technique then. Not more than 250k. But loops work just fine. In edit mode, I also used rotate+proportional editing. (much better than the twist-brush under sculpt mode)
    I wonder, using zbrush, how many polys are needed for similar results...
    A mask (cycles render).
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I thought the changes where only after 53915?

    if your press "k" key in dyntopo and it doesn't change to snake hook brush,maybe you have not got the latest version?

    anyway,less talk from me,next post will include art.(already commented on your sculpt in displacement thread)

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    Originally Posted by michalis View Post
    I wonder, using zbrush, how many polys are needed for similar results...
    Great result, Michalis. As for that last line, maybe you should try it and see. Would be nice to know.
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    I have tried... being a member of ZBcentral, some years now.
    I don't say that zbrush is not a great app. Actually I know how to handle it, better than blender LOL.
    Still learning. Not bad.

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    it seems to me no more loose edges troubles in new build (53914)

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    Originally Posted by ygs View Post
    Yes, I also had this problem with recent build. But did you read this?
    NICE! i just tried simplifying a mesh last night using "collapse short edges" and saw the same ol' symptomatic ugly edges when tabbing back to object mode. so i gave up on simplifying. but this is awesome news! just svn up'd and built 53932 for linux 64-bit, and it works AWESOME-ly.
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    The last time i tried collapse-short-edge did not have live visual feedback of the action (with wireframe turned on, and 'All Edges'), this is fixed now and the wireframe updates as the geo is reducing. This for me is the big one, reducing geo is not a guessing game any more.

    Now we just need sculptris-like rotate, scale (and grab) with a pivot and global setting.

    Still issues with hanging verts when using collapse-short-edge
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    Hi this is my dynamic topology test

    Hope you like itClick image for larger version. 

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    Hi this is my dynamic topology test

    Hope you like itClick image for larger version. 

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    My 15 min doodle , box subsurfed to level 2.
    Dyntopo is really good way to sculpt.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    hmm anyone had this problem ? i saved yesterday my dynatopo sculpt while in dynatopo sculpt mode and quit. the mesh is about 50 000 faces. today, i can open the file and continue sculpting, but whenever i want change to object mode (or edit mode) blender crashes and quits. so the sculpt from last night is lost. :-(
    (i have blender 2.65.5 on mac)

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    have your tried "recover auto-save" under the file menu doris?

    maybe if you open that file it will work

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    Try append the mesh to a new file and see if that helps, or try opening with the official Blender release, it could be a bug with your specific Dyntopo build.

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    And, avoid saving under dyntopo mode, anyway.
    I doubt if auto-save has saved anything under dyntopo mode. You have to exit sculpt mode first.
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    @Doris. Just had couple of crashes very similar to yours. When I open a file with 500k mesh (saved in sculpt mode) and then try to go to Object mode, blender crashes. I tried to open this file and then go to object mode a couple of times w/o success until I realize to go to Edit first. Only after switching to Edit mode I managed to enter Oblect mode..... (mine is trunk v53914)

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    wow, you guys are great! file is saved, i can work it again and go to object mode :-) ... yes i have official blender. so far i always saved in sculpt mode, but now i know i should not. thanks, happy sculpting now again!

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    not to go off topic,but why can't you save in sculpt mode ?

    never been an issue here...

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    In some past Dyntopo version of Blender, i remember that if you saved while having Dyntopo activated, loading the sculpt later would load the sculpt without everything that you did while Dyntopo was active, effectively losing all your dyntopo work.

    I can't say if this still happen, as i never ever save again with Dyntopo being active (and always go to Object Mode just to be sure)

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Started with the head of this guy and made the rest out of boxes and cylinders. I really like the symmetrize button. It works even better than the smart resym of Zbrush in my opinion.
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    Great job I also agree about the symmetrize button.
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