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Thread: JLA House

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    JLA House

    It's being a while since I post something in the forum. So, here a new project of my favorite architect (my wife).
    JLA House is a family house in a small villa here in Portugal.
    Model in Blender and rendered in Luxrender.
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Name:	Eira_final_lux8_GIMP.jpg 
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Name:	Eira_final_lux9_gimp.jpg 
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Name:	Eira_final_lux10_gimp.jpg 
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    Another view.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Eira_final_lux11_gimp.jpg 
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    both brautiful! rendering an the house!!

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    woaoooooooooo!! luxrender luxrender

    you used hdri image?
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    Halfway there.
    ummm gallery?
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    Gallery, of course.
    What eles can I say?
    Beautiful images.

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    Great images as always!
    Luxrender is here to stay.

    Olá Câmara,
    Grandes Imagens! Muito bom como sempre!
    É sempre fixe quando usas o luxrender numa altura em que sem percebermos porquê deixou de estar na moda.
    Eu olho para as tuas imagens e dá-me vontade de estourar dinheiro num pc...e estudar o lux.
    A luz das imagens vale a espera.
    Podes dizer que pc tens e quanto tempo demoraram?

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    Very good images !

    But I remember better images of you.

    A few points which I would improve from my pont of view:
    Make not so mutch dark colors and dark materials. Esspecially the shadows dominate the images to mutch.
    Also the windows in "...final_lux10..." is almost black and the contrast in darker areas in the image gets lost that way.
    The concrete on the walls is a bit to hard. I would give it less contrast.

    And now comes the question which I always ask: Did you try to render it in Cycles ?
    I know Lux is your favorite but I would like to give Cycles a try.
    I don't see the benefits of Luxrender in your images, I'm sure with Cycles you will be faster with no lose of quality.

    I hope you forgive me my asking for Cycles ;-)

    Kind regards
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    Very beautiful render, awesome work!
    Check out my 3D renders on DeviantArt
    Some of my models can be found on Turbosquid

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    I'm glad everyone likes it.
    @Redwood, for illumination I used Lux Sun and Hdr.
    @Arquitectos, obrigado. Lux´s images are really worth the wait. I don´t have a super computer. This was rendered in a Laptop i7 with 6Gb of ram. Each image has in average 3 days of render time, but I also experimented with farm.
    When I need speed in a render I have a license of Thea.
    @Alain, the dark mood was intended, maybe a little to much but that was what I was going for. About Cycles, I'm very enthusiast by it but is still young and the node workflow, well is for me it's greater strong point and weakness. For an artist some node setups are mind blowing but on the other hand the possibilities...
    But I think Lux get's out of the box beautiful light in renders (Full spectral render) and Cycle (RGB render) need's some composite work to get that extra kick in the image.
    But my next project maybe will be in Cycles.

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    me gusta stu.
    How did you done grass? is it particles? Maybe, in Lux rendering of grass is better than in cicles?
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    As always, very nice renders and soft and beautifull mood.
    Maybe the layout of the third one is too close (but it seems the texture of the floor at the lift isn't at the level of the others.) I would prefer some space at the sides of the house.
    Except that, again, nice shots Photostories from my wife, photojournalist My professional site (still mostly in french ) about architecture and Blender Fablab near Roanne

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    Thank you for sharing this...especially the part about luxrender...

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    As an architect, we had read 'Tadao Ando'. I am glad to see similar concepts. The renders are very real life - to comment as a noob in 3d softwares.

    Just a personal opinion, the green tinge on the concrete might just have been done away with. That is probably due to ambience of grass!

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    Shdaows looks IMHO too strong, according to surrounding lights, but overall great job!

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    Wow! I didn't notice that this made its way to the gallery! Thanks.
    The grass is Lux's microdisplacement, it use's less memory than Blender's native displacement.

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    The building does look really good. I like the style and lighting a lot, but it seems kind of harsh. It looks a bit abandoned, almost, with the heavy darkened detail colors on the concrete. Anyway, great render!

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    Excellent Job Camara, I have been living in a 2D world for my inventions to long. After reading the comments and seeing the work involved I have a lot to learn before my 1st render of anything. It may be wiser for me to hire an artist like yourself and continue to learn Blender and the different renders. Once again I think it is an excellent job.

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    now waiting for Cycles version
    keep on BLENDING...

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