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    How to ungroup an object group? Not a vertex group, but an object group.

    I have a group of objects. I did "add group instance". Now I want to be able to manipulate individually the constituents of the added instance. In solidworks it would be like dissolve pattern, in autocad, explode block. How do I break down an OBJECT group (not vertex group) so I can move the individual objects separately?

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    You have to go back to the original group and remove the object from there. Unfortunately, this also means that once it's removed from the original group, it no longer exists in the dupligroup. So you have to make a copy if you want to re-purpose the object.

    When you add a dupligroup, it's like using an array modifier. The duplicate isn't a separate entity, but a generated-on-the-fly copy of the original group. As with the item copied in an array, you can't separate out one copy of the item and use it for another purpose, not without applying the array modifier first.

    Since a dupligroup isn't a modifier, I think you're stuck with simply making a copy of the object.

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    maybe I'm wrong, but there's got to be a way to explode the group instance into individual objects.

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    What would one do for a workflow to acheive what I'm trying for?

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    Tab all needed things.
    1. You can press do it with mouse by pressing K
    2. Ato make them all dedicated then make your part of object dedicate and the press P => Separate
    Is that that thing you need?

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    I believe you are looking for the 'make duplicates real' function. the shortcut for it is shift > ctrl > a. all duplicates become seperate, editable objects.

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    Haha, thank you very much, that works exactly what I was looking for.

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