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    Yesterday I made some Fire.

    (Watch in HD for the Details!)

    It is all in the Texture: partially Geometry-based Alpha Transparency. The Flames are polygonal and twist around as well.

    ~ DOWNLOAD the .BLEND (2.64) ~

    Have Fun. :}

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    This. Is. EPIC. *.*
    My only critique is that instead of having the flames come together at one point at the top, there should be multiple points, thus resulting in a more realistic fire.

    Still, it's far better than i'v ever been able to do, so nice job
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    In the fire_emitter Script the Variable p (quite at the End of the Script) sets how far the Fire »jitters«, this also changes how far away the Flames are from each other. Maybe I will make another Version with some Property-Tweakables for the Logic Bricks. :}

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    Looks really cool, yeah. Nice work! They look pretty different from each other, despite all being fire. Have you thought about different kinds of flames, like a line / floor-running one, a fire explosion, etc?

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    Nice, realtime fire, I might need that for something I'm working on.

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    very well done,never seen this "effect" (i mean the "dynamic semitrasparency")
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    cool but needs alot of improvements...

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    I like this and I want to dissect it, but the file is gone!

    @C.A.ligári Would you mind putting it back up, even as a temporary link?

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