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    Nice job Uimac. would it be possible to have the importer create cycles materials? The BI Materials are wrong also, alpha mask are not correctly supported.

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    Blendshapes and vertex group import not working in current version

    Hi Uimac,

    Blendshapes and vertex groups no longer work with the current version. I tried to fix these problems in the Python code...
    Both these problems come from the C++ code, since this stuff is directly retrieved from there. If you need the file creating these problems just let me know.


    Problem 1:
    Blendshapes are no longer imported with newest version:
    blmesh.blend_shape_list() returns an empty list even for meshes with blendshapes.


    Problem 2:
    Vertex Groups are no longer imported with newest version:

    Previous version debug output:
    skins: 1
    clusters: 80
    mesh: 301
    geometry_node_id: 301

    Current version debug output:
    skins: 1
    clusters: 80
    mesh: 302
    geometry_node_id: 1

    As you see, the mesh ID is 1 higher than before, and the geometry_node_id is always 1 now for all meshes in the FBX. But these IDs must match eachother, otherwise the code is skipped. Or is this a bug in the Python code and it should no longer skip the code on ID mismatch?


    Would be very cool if you could look at these, since it would be some work for me to get everything setup to deal with the C++ code, because I'm on Linux normally.

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    Hello and thanks for this importer. Two days of searching online and I can finally see my model from 3DS MAX in blender. It came through with my armature but it is missing all the textures. Any help on different settings (embed media is enabled in 3DS) or tricks to get them back without having to make completely new materials in Blender? All help much appreciated. Thanks!
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    NOTE: uimac did an upate on 4th of July 2015.

    I just saw that today. This fixes the problems I had (missing vertex groups/blend shapes).

    Thanks uimac.
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    Hi ! First of all, thank you for this addon ! I love it !
    But have a problem with some importations. I'm trying to import .FBX models from Warcraft to make a machinima. Some models works, but the more important one doesn't work.

    Here the error I have:

    I'm using the last version of the addon (fbx importer + uncomv) and Blender 2.75 A.
    Maybe someone else had this problem? Or an idea how to resolve it?

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    Thanks for this importer !

    But i cant make it work on 2.76

    any help is welcome
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