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    How to stretch mesh/bezier typography over given curved surface?

    I want to apply typography to a surface with a raised 3D mesh appearance. I’ve tried with lattice but am not confident thats its the right, cool procedure to go. Using UV is not an option since I want a raised effect from side view also.

    Anyone who can recommend “The Method” do use?

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    you could convert to mesh and seperate your letters and manually locate each letter!
    it takes time but there is no letter deformation and will look better!

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    I would delete all but a single plane of the letters, use shrinkwrap mod, and then extrude out.

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    On the font tab, have you simply tried using "Text on Curve?" That only requires a Bezier curve in the shape you seek.

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    Dear friends
    Thanks for great feedback from all of you!

    Of course I hadn’t thought of the F-tab/Text on Curve. Blender contains zillions of options, just amazing!

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    In my case I had to use a vectorised logotype from Illustrator. My way to go turned out to be:

    (1) Import SVG
    (2) Modifier “Curve”
    (3) Modifier “Shrink Wrap”
    (4) Apply and extrude the wrapped item

    Though I recognised some “streaked mesh artifacts” in the letters I could live with it and meet my deadline. If this should be reduced it might involve some ekstra editing with “Sub Surf” and “Edge Split” modifiers but haven’t tried it out. If you have any thoughts of this I’ll be thankful.

    Kind regards, Mikael

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