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Thread: 3D male and female rigged characters

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    3D male and female rigged characters

    Hi all,

    I would like to have one 3D male and one 3D female characters. I want to pose these characters so they have to be rigged.
    There is just one important thing I need to know before doing the job (I am not a Blender user): is it possible in Blender to define polygon groups that are NOT attached to the bones/armature ? For instance, is it possible to define a group corresponding to the left side of the trunck (which does not correspond to a rigged body part)
    I have Poser Pro 2012 and this is not possible or rigging is highly modified and unpredictable
    The aim is to export the posed characters as .obj or .dae files and view them in a 3D viewer so that each body part/group is defined.
    If not possible in Blender, other softs could also be OK.
    Hiring can be done through freelance web sites.

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    Hello Gilles38,

    First thing first: Yes, Blender can define polygon groups that are not linked to bones.

    Second thing: what do you mean by saying that 'hiring can be done through freelance sites'? Which site/sites?

    How much are you looking to spend on this project? Modeling/rigging/texturing multiple characters is not cheap project, you might want to look at buying existing character models rather than paying to have something created specifically for you.
    Also, what type of characters are you hoping for? Realistic, Manga, cartoon, animal, robot? If you are looking for realistic human characters you might want to look at Makehuman, it can create realistic characters and its free, Also worth looking at is the Blendswap website, which has a growing number of character models available for free download.

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    rigged models

    I have a pack of rigged male and female basemeshes available on turbosquid, all the models are available as individual models too. You can check them out. If you need a complete female character check out my Blendswap models.

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