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    POLL - BGE New website

    Hey guys,

    This thread is about the purpose and features of a new BGE site, we need your opinion and advice on this!


    So, there's been talk of a new website for the BGE recently and I volunteered to create this site in Drupal, and handle the hosting and such.

    In this post I'd like to get a discussion going on people's opinions about the features, purpose and just existence of this site? Do you want it? Would it be useful?

    Please take a second to complete the tiny survey:
    Don't hesitate to tell me if we should add some questions on the poll...

    Here are the live results:



    I had this post in another thread but I realized that was a little inappropriate so I'm reposting it here.


    EDIT: I changed the poll to be a survey.. all on one page...
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    So I've been reading around about this new site idea and here's is what I've found people have been saying about it, those are all the thoughts found on the threads:


    - Lack of documentation and single location for info on BGE is a real issue and maybe a new site would solve that
    - Aggregation of tutorials, link to wiki and forums could be usefull
    - Needs maintainers that are dedicated BGE users
    - Ads are good
    - Ads are bad
    - Ads are required
    - Ads go unnoticed anyway so we should have them to support site
    - We should focus on making the wiki better for BGE first
    - The BGE needs a pro website
    - There were a few attempts at BGE site but the blenderartists forum & Wiki are still the place to go to
    - There is a need for a site focused on games & reviews, tutorials and BGE dev
    - The site should not be 100% about making games with BGE but diversify a little
    - First impression is critical for a game engine and BGE fails in that regard
    - BGE has no advertising and it needs some
    - This new site should be a subdomain of

    read the very nice post from iFlowProduction it sums up things


    - We need a subdomain for BGE!


    Other random website related posts

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    great ! i Just Voted ! \m/

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    I would be very careful about starting yet another BGE site. There are already a few that try to "fix" various issues with scattered BGE information, and then we just end up with more scattered information. What would this site provide that couldn't be put in the wiki?

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    To me, we just need to get in contact with the owner of tutorialsforblender3D and update it to 2.5+
    It is my favourite reference on BGE because:
    1) Tutorials on simple, common problems people have
    2) Worked code examples
    3) Easy to read writing
    4) Text tutorials rather than video tutorials (seriously, 15minute video tut vs 1min flicking through a written one to find the one button you need to press)
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    will anyone give me all the links to all the owners of the webpages that shares information regarding Blender Game Engine ? please !
    @sdfgeoff : yes you are right partially ! but we can do that in our website too...we are also making some functionality like chatting,forums,messages and for the documentation wiki is the best but someone without internet connection will find it someone need to convert it into pdfs or wordtext and also update ! for more information please join this group

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    @Moguri : what cannot be done in wiki or Blender Artist Forums but can be done in the new website

    1. chat function ( i will talk to Jeff French about that )
    2. uploading your game ( you can upload your game and also thinking of making a functionality where you can sell or get donations directly !
    3. exposure ( games will be rated and top game developers will be awarded every year )
    4. donations ( to hire developers to develop BGE )
    5. the most important thing is the ROADMAP for Blender Game Engine !
    6. All Blender Game Engine Develoers and Users at one place learning and sharing each others skills...!
    7. uptodate tutorials and documentations !

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    1. We have IRC for this
    2. What about Anicator's bGame?
    3. bGame could probably be used for this.
    4. Doesn't the Blender Foundation already handle donations?
    5. A roadmap can go in the wiki. In fact, it should be put on this way outdated page.
    6. Umm...we do have these forums...
    7. Again, that's what the wiki is for.

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    @Moguri : all right you got me ! but there's also a site for Blender Game Engine which is this

    i loved the way it is presented ...everything is at one place ! except no chat functions which will ensure faster conversation or support for blender game engine ! and also not many tutorials...and not organised well...! there are lot of things that people will have difficulty in learning blender game engine jumping from one site to other and all they get are outdated tutorials mostly !

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    I think a BGE world/environment to code/ teach and learn in would be most appropriate

    think a totally non proprietary SecondLife with no limits, and small servers......

    like 128 people max ?

    Trackable world changes,
    Multi-editing cloud support.......

    this way you can learn in the engine, and export things from the "game" back to the GUI and vice versa.

    So we collaborate, I can model, while you code, etc.

    it seems like the natural progression of software interaction,

    there is no better way to teach, as you can see where and when someone goes wrong, and help them,

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    I think I agree with Moguri. It might be better to organize the help in one place (the wiki pages), and link to the IRC and forums from there. There are free web clients that one can use for IRC, and these forums are really active. A site could be cool (as I also thought), but it would have a long way to go before it gets to be "official". So, you might want to just start on the official community pages. Create a page for active BGE projects, or useful resources, etc.

    As a side-note, it might be a good idea to link to the IRC channels (bgecoders and gameblender) in a thread, stickied to the top of the forums. I'm not sure if I would have been able to find them if I wasn't here already for quite some time.

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    Btw, I have a post where I sum up what I've read about "missing BGE site" from forum posts but it has manu URLs so its still being reviewed...

    There are already a few that try to "fix" various issues
    Indeed! Reading on the BGE facebook about the need for yet another site I was sceptical of its usefullness in un-scattering info, but I explained that I had the skills neccessary to build it and was told that I should, etc...

    That is why I'm creating this Poll, I wanted/want to know if there was really a need for it...
    The more I read though, it seems it has been attempted many times, but not fully enough...

    bgame - Lists ALL games, their developers, Contests & some (sparse) news - BUT is very poorly themed and looks a little un-inviting
    Moddb BGE - Seems to be pretty comprehensive - BUT has some outdated sections/info
    cgcookie - Has a section for Game Dev but since Sept 2011 only 1 video? And they're more abt game dev than the game engine
    This forum - Is great and comprehensive but I'm not sure if its the best format (best way to showcase it) for some of the stuff that is there

    I can see how it is hard for those places to be maintained and up to date on all levels though, especially if they aren't that easy to find (thus don't get that much attention).

    I will definitely NOT create a site until it is absolutely needed & wanted. I will try to get in contact with the people maintaining those sites to help them, improve the sites and figure out if there are ways to make them easily available and have better SEO, etc...

    Indeed, we need to make sure the Wiki is at its best before we try... but I think it would be usefull to get the community's input on what they think is missing (by telling us what features to put on this site) so we can know what to update the wiki with... (:

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    @SolarLune : thanks ! i dont know when it will become an official site but we need huge support ! "the more the merrier " - Ton !

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    @BluePrintRandom : i think you should use some softwares that helps you to monitor your friends activity ! i knew one was good which helped me to learn Blender Game Engine from one of my friend ! if that could be integrated right into Blender it would be awesome just like Network Rendering !

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    Originally Posted by isyedcg View Post
    @SolarLune : thanks ! i dont know when it will become an official site but we need huge support ! "the more the merrier " - Ton !
    I would actually argue that in this case, "The lesser the merrier!" (:
    This is THE ONE problem we are trying to solve: fragmentation of information, too many useless or incomplete sites...
    Lets not add more to that lot (:

    EDIT: BTW I wrote 3 other posts but they are taking forever to be reviewed so they don't show up ):
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    What I read from the posts above is:

    * we already have different methods to present information (forums, wikis, download site, chats).
    * they are not referenced at a central place e.g. the main wiki site which would be the first place to look at.

    How about simply update the
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    How much of the € 3250+ monthly donations is going into game engine development and open game projects ?

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    do anything you people want ... but DO IT ! or else someone like me or Jeff has to do it ! there are already many sites . . .but not well organised and maintained !

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    Originally Posted by isyedcg View Post
    do anything you people want ... but DO IT ! or else someone like me or Jeff has to do it ! there are already many sites . . .but not well organised and maintained !
    Then just DO IT !

    All I've seen is lots of talk but very little action. If you want a new site then just make one, no-one is stopping you. If some other users think it is not necessary but you do, then so what ?

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    @Richard Marklew : I can't build a site,have no knowledge regarding that ! But some of us know how to build a website but they think its not necessary thats the issue !

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