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    All of it is just great, really good showing all around!

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    Darn, I definitely agree, some super high quality you got there. Wish I knew how to do cloth simulation for pillows now that's impressive. Also how to stitch the clothes. I've been wondering about on that for last few days. I know there's an addon and external program for it, but I prefer to do it a barebone for now since I'm only using Blender as a hobby at the moment.

    The stool and its texture/shader is impressive too!

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    Thanks Craig and DreamMaster! The pillow cloth was just cotton cloth and force physics in the center, plus some sculpting for details/larger folds. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube if you want to try. I stitched the cloth just on the normal layer in Substance Painter, so that is not a mesh. Its just normal mapping that is faking stitching.

    UMP45 WIP-

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