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    Tri-Dimensional Chess Board

    So, I made this thing today. My daughter and I have been getting into chess lately and she saw this on one of her t.v. shows. I immediately remembered it from Star Trek and it peaked my interest, since then I've done some research and read a few rules. Today I started making this as a practice/template for the real deal, and well, I'm thinking I may just be able to play this Star Trek Chess right in Blender The boards and pieces all line up on nice even blender unit points, just select the object and put in the new cords.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    p.s. here is some more info on tri-dimensional chess
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    My daughter and I have started a game of tri-dimensional chess today. We play as if it's a real board, there is no code involved, just grab the pieces and move them where they need to go. I've always liked the way Blender handled perspective view and scene rotation, and Izzy(8) picked it up quick. We are partway through the game, 3D chess seems to start out a little slower, but the game gets fast and dangerous. Rooks and the Queen dominate now, bishops are a bit less powerful, but free up early and can still span 6 squares if attack boards are involved.

    Anyways, I'm rambling, and double posting, and here is a render I made of our first game, as we left it this evening.Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Checkmate! Izzy won. What a twisted version of chess, I liked it! A bit awkward to play right in Blender like that, I'm no stranger to python though or game code so...

    Anyways, here is a .blend for anyone interested.

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    The Big Bang Theory. Nice.

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    Yeah, it's played by Sheldon and David on Big Bang. It's popped up a few times recently in pop culture.

    I've gone forward with some BGE Game samples. It's still a wip now over here in the Game Demos section.

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