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    Great script!
    I found it very useful
    To make it even more comfortable I added two lines of code to get it in the "Add Menu" (Shift A)

    - Davide
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    doesn't work in 2,76, while plane is created, all vertices are stuck in the pivot point

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    Hello. I'm interested in this script,does it work or not ?

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    Originally Posted by marietto View Post
    Hello. I'm interested in this script,does it work or not ?
    By default Python auto-execution disabled since 2.76 version. You need to enable this function on File tab in User Preferences window.

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    I'm really liking the addon but I have one question about it. Is it supposed to work with portrait image orientation? The addon works perfectly if the camera resolution is set to be in landscape orientation or in 1:1. Once I input a resolution that is in portrait orientation the plane no longer fits in the camera view. Does this happen to other people or is it just me?


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