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    Corrupt FPS Project

    Hey guys! I'm new here so here is the link to my channel! I post frequent update videos on there and I will be posting imaged here aswell

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    I can't see your link. I think you need to post 10 times in the forum to be able put a link in.

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    Yes thank you that is it!

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    I saw the video in your channel and I must say that what you are making is a good start,I especially like the trailer which you have made.
    Keep up the good work.
    (if you want to show your you tube videos click on the insert video icon and afterward paste your video link and it will automatically show it in the comment)
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    Thank you for the tip!

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    Why do you have two threads for the same project?

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    I completely forgot about the other one...

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    Futuristic corridor: hallway.png

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