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Thread: Betty Von Notty

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    Betty Von Notty

    Hello everyone!

    This is my last work, inspired in one of the beautiful drawings of Maly Siri. Her name is Betty Vont Notty but I don't know too much things about her.

    I did pretty much everything in Blender, except for the textures, which I created in Photoshop. This is my first work using Cycles and I love it! So, the render was done in Cycles. Every comment and critique are welcome.

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    Great work! Reminds me of a lot of the work by Serge Birault: Would love to see more.

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    superb work, front page!!
    could You show mesh of this Lady?
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    Awesomeness indeed .
    Excellent work Lucas, as always.

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    What a fantastic adaptation of the drawing. You really did it justice!

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    Para bems ! This is definitely top shelf recognition, of a work well thought through and implemented .
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    Lovely! Everything is pretty solid. My one and ONLY crit would be the hairline. Something seems off. Like it's floating above the head or something... or maybe it's because the hair isn't as stylized as the bust? I can't quite put my finger on it lol.

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    Even if the anisotropic rendering is not too look clear (this may be better) but generally the picture make pretty good and fits perfectly to the drawing, good job lucas !

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    superb likeness to the drawing, that is a very nice representation

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    fantastic work,the only downer is the hair to me,certain areas look too uniform and flat.It looks a tad dry too.

    certainly toprow material!!
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    wow, that is a great, a classic one! very well done... hmm, i could not google betty von notty, but i immediately thought its betty page, even though you rely on the drawing as reference. wikipedia as an entry about her, and of course you can google images, to see if its the same woman.. anyway, great work, beautyful render!

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    Really looks amazing, congratulations!
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    Your work could be part of "suicide girls", it's very sexy... the most hard to find in female models!
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    LiquidApe, thank you! Yes definetely, I think Serge already did a painting based on the real Maly Siri. They are both from France I guess, not sure.

    aeron, thank you! Yes sure, posting right now the wires.

    Dimetrii, thanks!

    michalis, thank you!

    JonathanW, thanks! Great hear that, Maly's drawing has a lot of curves and subtle details very difficult to put in 3D.

    deepee, thank you!

    shakquan, thanks! I not sure what could be either. It may be the hair entrance at the root of the victorian rolls? :B

    3d|slider, thank you!

    dolemite, thanks!

    Craig Jones, thanks! Nice to hear that too.

    ng-material, thanks!

    doris, yeah I looked some pictures of Betty Page, specially as reference for the hair. But I didn't used as reference for the face, I tried to follow the drawing more, but as an strong icon of pin ups it's to not see Betty Page as a reference. Thanks for the comment!

    leonnn, thank you!

    oscurart, thank you!

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    Here some more images...

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    That's a pretty mesh

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    Great work Lucas! congrats man! =)

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    Originally Posted by lucasfalcao View Post
    Hello everyone!

    This is my last work, inspired in one of the beautiful drawings of Maly Siri. Her name is Betty Vont Notty but I don't know too much things about her.

    I think betty vont notty == bettie page(NSFW search) or heavily inspired by her. This looks really awesome, I would have loved more shine on the hair and possibly less of a flat combing style but this is nit picking. Super work and five stars from me.

    p.s. looked at the link, the artist seems to have been on a bettie page sketch week or something.
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