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Thread: Fantasy game character modeling.

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    Fantasy game character modeling.


    I'm currently not accepting any more portfolios while I review the ones that have already been submitted. If you submitted a portfolio but have not gotten an acknowledgement from me, please send me another message and I'll be sure to get back to you.

    I'm interested in getting quotes for what it would cost to get a game character modeled and textured.

    - Characters are fantasy based
    - Budget of 4-6k triangles in the completed model
    - The final style will be more cartoon based. Think World of Warcraft or Zelda.
    - Diffuse, Spec, and Normal maps for the model are required and the max resolution for each map is 512x512.
    - I can provide reference material but not a proper character spec sheet, being able to convert 2D references to a 3D model will be required.

    - No rigging or animation will be required.

    What to expect
    - I'm a professional developer, and I'm not afraid to pay for quality and skill.
    - I have 22 years of experience developing software and I know how to get projects done. My requests will be reasonable and I'll be open to feedback for when I'm asking for something excessively difficult when there is an easier/more effective way to get the job done.
    - I'm open to working with new talent as long as you have some kind of portfolio to look at.
    - I'm hoping to do 1 test character and if that works out as planned then I will have more.

    Thank you for your time and attention!
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    4-6k is a proper quote.
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    Originally Posted by silkroadgame View Post
    4-6k is a proper quote.
    I believe he was referring to the polygon budget i.e. 4-6K triangles not 4-6K Euros or US dollar

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    PM sent, hope to hear back!
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    Originally Posted by MadMesh View Post
    I believe he was referring to the polygon budget i.e. 4-6K triangles not 4-6K Euros or US dollar
    This is correct, 4-6k is the target number of triangles for the model. If it cost $1/triangle then it will also be the price quote.

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    Sent you a PM!

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    I'd like to thank everybody that has submitted their portfolio to me. The job is not really solved yet, I'm going though portfolios and I have as many as I can manage right now.

    I believe that I have responded to everybody to let them know that I have received their portfolio. If you sent one to me but have not received a message, please message me again.

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    Portfolio sent, this seems interesting

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