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    Trying to Convert Grease Pencil drawings to Curves

    I've been trying to create a jack o lantern following this tutorial I"m using 2.67. It starts at about 3:30 in the tut. When he converts to path the image auto selects and highlights the GP Layer. Mine doesn't and my time bar changes. I have to manually select it.

    After doing the mesh from curve and joining with pumpkin and going to edit mode all his vertices and loops show, mine don't. If I do manage to get the loop selected at the top like he says, all of them are selected. The middle picture is mine in the edit mode and the bottom picture is how his looks. I did remove the GP like he had said earlier, but mine are still showing and with random vertices.

    I have no idea what I"m doing wrong. I have followed his step by step over the last few days. I even reset factory settings thinking I might have accidentally changed something. At the rate I'm going on this my jack o lantern might be ready for Christmas, LOL Would appreciate any help
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    Try unchecking the link strokes when you select convert....

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    That worked for the time bar but still issues with the rest. Thanks for telling me about that.

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    Ok guess I got it. For some reason I had to zoom so CLOSE in to be able to select any vertices and even then was hard to actually check one that was part of the sketching. Got to be an easier way. For now, I'm able to move on.

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