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    Question Can i give my Rig a cloth cape?

    Hello everybody! \^D^/
    i don't think i've ever said hello to the Particles and physics simulations topic before :)

    So it's my first time here and i suppose you could say my first time using simulations.
    I have some experience of failure in the past with them but experience nonetheless. I'd like to re-approach all of it as a beginner once again though to get it right this time.

    So i have a character rigged up with rigify and i think it looks amazing. (Probably the best character in blender i have ever made)

    Wanna see? :3
    Name:  BaseMaleStart63.png
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BaseMaleStart61.png 
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    Sorry for feeling proud ;)

    This character is based off of a game character i made a few years ago. I loved the look so much and the people around me loved it, and it was actually an uncommon mixture of clothes in that game so me walking around was a bit Iconic and people got to know me for it. So i've been using it as my avatar for some other things and represents just.. a happier me in a way :)

    Anyway you can see the cape there in the background. Is there a way that i could attach the top of his cape to about the neck of the character, and have a Cloth simulation flow down from there that won't phase through the limbs of his character?

    (Side questions) -And then that makes me wonder if i made a walk cycle of him walking in place because of how he has a root controller could i make the cape flow behind him even though "technically" he is staying in one place?

    -is cloth simulation something simple enough that if i did set it up i wouldn't have to worry about how it moves or would i have to always check on it and be sure it isn't curving in weird ways or getting stuck to things?

    I appreciate all of your advise ^-^

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    Welp, back to answer my own question.
    After some searching i have found the answer to my main question.

    Being that i can use the child of constraint to parent the cape to my rig on a specific vertex group. Then i gave my mesh a collision physics.. thing.. and under the cape i gave it a cloth physic and under pinning i set a vertex group to be the top of the cape where i do not want it to fall.

    It seems to look really good for a simple walk. However i havn't tried any crazy jumps or flips or anything and it seems like the cape is a bit laggy so i think i should keep it hidden mostly while setting up the animations.

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