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    I think I'm missing something, somehow....


    I thought I'd save some time, and append a mesh I made in 2.49 to a current project in 2.68a, but I've run into a bit of a situation I don't know how to resolve.

    The mesh being imported from 2.49 had a subsurf modifier applied, and there were some edges where I had marked the edges to be sharp, so that the Subsurf would not round the edges. Well, in 2.68a, I can remove the subsurf modifier with not problem, but the only way I can seem to manage to get rid of the magenta indicators marking the sharp edges is to delete the edges individually, and remake the edges and faces. None of he hotkeys I can find work to remove the sharp edges.

    I was away from blender between the 2.49 and about 2.53, so I may have missed something, and I apologize if I'm bringing up old issues.


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    I assume they're creases. Just select all edges and shift+E, crease, -1, and everything should be good.
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    Thank you. That resolved the issue.


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