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Thread: Autodesk set to dominate the market surrounding.....Minecraft?

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    Autodesk set to dominate the market surrounding.....Minecraft?

    I know that Minecraft tends to be a popular game but I find it impressive that Notch managed to capture the attention of Autodesk of all companies/people.

    10 years from now on A&E, Growing up Autodesk, follow the life of a young man as he starts out with baby's first Autodesk app. to receiving Maya for his Highschool graduation, all while learning to just say no to the competition and say yes to eternal subscription payments. Using apps. like 123D and Tinkercad, we follow how Autodesk is hooking up future customers while their young so they will be loyal users of their software for life.

    Looks like the Blender addon makers creating a bridge between Blender and Minecraft now have some competition depending on the angle you look at it from.
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    There are also other companies who use the same tactic. Can't underestimate the lengths they aspire to, at least future growth can be assured, as opposed to short term gains.

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    Yeah I figure it's a brilliant marketing move looking even further ahead. Baby might grow up and choose the AD 2050 Turbo3D OS to run his family's thing-maker machine if he started out with Tinkercad as a kid. Good thing for AD too since his little Johnny and Susie never heard of Maya or Blender... "You mean you actually had to model things manually when you were a kid, Dad? With a mouse?! Wow." ...


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    I don't really understand stuff like that. The only thing particularly fun/unique about playing Minecraft is building things, and that kind of kills it.
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    Originally Posted by xrg View Post
    I don't really understand stuff like that. The only thing particularly fun/unique about playing Minecraft is building things, and that kind of kills it.
    It would indeed sorta kill it, in a way. Or at least, it would if you're playing in Survival mode and not Creative. (I never use Creative other than to test concepts/redstone circuits out before rebuilding them by hand in Survival)
    Part of the fun of building in Minecraft in Survival mode is that you're constrained by gravity, always at risk of falling off and taking damage, or getting ambushed by Creepers/Zombies/Skeletons. You have to think creatively and figure out solutions - even if that solution is as simple as pillaring up.

    ...all of this is rather funny coming from me though, considering I've yet to build something big in MC. I've got a few in-progress ideas though

    EDIT - What I find most ironic about this is that in order to import the models into Minecraft, you have to go through MCedit, which is **drumroll** open-source
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    you can export .obj from minecraft and convert it to a minecraft model with mcedit
    i did it about 2 years ago.. soo nothing new XD

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