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    I could have sworn I posted a reply in here a couple weeks ago, but I can't find it... Anyway, I'm glad you liked the video!

    And more importantly, it's great to see this work completed. I'm very happy to see it's even landed on the top of the site as a featured work! Well done, fusobotic!

    I'm curious to know, what are you most satisfied about with the image? And what do you wish had turned out differently?
    These are questions I have started asking myself after I finish a project and have had time to settle down afterwards.
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    Thanks James, Han and Wewe! I think I'm most satisfied with how the shirt turned out, and the arms. They both caught the light in just the right way. Most of it was luck that the textures worked correctly, though I did have to do a ton of adjusting with the textures. Gosh darn... it really pains me to say this. I wish I could have done a better job with the weapon. Guns are one of my favorite things to model, and I kinda got lazy with it. I wish I could have done a whole gamut of textures and decals and switches and bolts, but I hardly had any time to do so. To give you an idea, here's the level of detail I would have liked to reach:

    Anyway, if there's anymore questions, I won't be on this thread any longer. Any inquiries about it you might have will probably be answered in the Making of video or over on the finished thread. Thanks everyone!

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