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    MAJOR problem Illustrator CC SVG and Blender 2.69

    I have hunted around on these forums and read several threads, but cannot find a suitable answer, either because the versions talked about are too old (meaning options mentioned were outdated), or not enough info was given, or the problem was slightly different than mine, or the solution was to use different software as an intermediate.

    I used to use Adobe Illustrator CS5.5 to export SVG files to import into Blender 2.68a, and it worked beautifully.

    I now have Adobe Illustrator CC (17.1.0 64-bit) and Blender 2.69.0, and the process doesn't work the same anymore. I have tried several SVG profiles (basic, tiny, etc), and it either does not import or imports ridiculously tiny. In the past, I solved this by scaling up my paths in Illustrator befor exporting the SVG. Now, however, I can't scale big enough to import at a reasonable size.

    I tried just using the tiny import and scaling up, but that presets problems when trying to extrude and bevel. And what's more, it places my anchor point in an odd place (with no correlation to my original Illustrator file).

    Does anyone have any success going between CC and 2.69? Is there an option I need to adjust before export? During export? During Import? After export???

    Would anyone be willing to download the file attached and try it out for me?

    DOWNLOAD: >>> Toccoa Falls <<<

    I need this workflow very much and am finding myself in a predicament at work, so if you can give me exact details of what works for you, I'm all ears.


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    I don't find any differences between blender 2.68a and 2.69 concerning svg import so it must be sthg with Illustrator.
    You can open your svg file with a text editor and change the width and height values. It seems to be important that there's a viewbox value present (just add it if not there) e.g.:
    width="529.116" height="216.632" viewBox="0 0 58.423 59.591"

    In this example it is enough to change the width and height.
    width="5290.116" height="2160.632" viewBox="0 0 58.423 59.591"

    Even if the viewbox value is the same the svg imports bigger in blender.

    After importing your file into blender and scaling it up it may be sufficient to apply scale with ctrl+a
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    OK, what settings did you use to export that?! because I cannot for the life of me find out what works! By that I mean, when I save an SVG from AI, nothing will import into Blender! I have so many different versions (because of troubleshooting) that I don't remember which ones actually successfully import into Blender. Most of them don't. In fact, I've spent about 20 minutes saving and re-saving as SVGs with various settings, and none of them will import into Blender! (Yes, I'm only exporting SVG 1.1)

    However, yours opened beautifully. I need to do the work myself in the future (thanks for helping me with this one, by the way), so what settings did you use???

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    The svg files by Musikai were exported out of Serif DrawPlus 12 - not Illy CC.

    I opened your eps in Photoline, and exported to svg, and it worked fine for me as well in Blender (bar some of the paths needed a direction switch).

    Although I do not work with CC (I will never sign up with that dreaded subscription model), I think it is indeed a change in how Illy CC writes the svg files.

    To check, try this online service to optimize your svg file, and test for import into Blender:

    Let us know if that works or not.

    ps I did test Illy CS6 - that works too.
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    can you attach a svg file? Then we can have a look at it.
    As Herbert123 stated I had to use serif to convert your eps to svg. Even in serif at first I got an empty svg. I had to select all and convert to curves before export. After export I had to add the mentioned viewBox="" text into the svg to make blender import it scaled.

    btw. nice link, Herbert123 :-)
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    The tiny size import problem happened a while back around 2.66 ish. Something to do with implementing new Blender units. If the SVG shows up in the Outliner then you can scale it up. I typically use the keyboard shortcut S10 or S100 after I import any SVG. But it would not surprise me if Adobe has changed their exporter (Save As). I don't have access to CC yet but if you can compare Illustrator versions on your end make sure the export dialog settings between CS/CC match. It could be the CC exporter can still produce a valid SVG but the defaults have been changed.

    Worst case scenario is you could probably open up the EPS in Gimp and export a usable SVG from there.

    so if you can give me exact details of what works for you, I'm all ears.
    Out of Illustrator CS5 I use the default settings from the Save As dialog to produce a valid SVG for Blender.
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    I finally got it! No third party, no coding, no nothing. Just Illustrator CC (17.1.0) to Blender 2.69.

    Thanks to this article and this help document, I was able to piece together an option that works.

    Here's what I used.

    Name:  SVG options.PNG
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Size:  46.3 KB

    Most of these options were copied and pasted from the article. The resulting Blender import was a small, black logo.

    So I switched the "CSS properties" to "Presentation Attributes." This gave me back the color.

    Then I looked at the help document and saw that the "Responsive" option had something to do with scale. So I UNchecked it and the resulting Blender import was a large, colorful logo with the anchor point in the right spot!!

    Toccoa Falls eagle simplified


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    Worst case scenario is you could probably open up the EPS in Gimp and export a usable SVG from there
    It's not that bad actually .
    Here is a comparison of first (selected) and second file in Inkscape. It was easy to scale up first image to the size approx 2 blender units to be frank.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	eagle_compare.png 
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    Just encountered the same problem! Googled, found this, worked!

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