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    Thanks so much for these, they are awesome! I'm switching from C4D and these addons are amazing. I'm having problems installing them in Blender 2.7. I go to User Preferences - Addons - Install Addons - and I select your .py files... but it doesn't work for some reason. What am I doing wrong?

    Btw... I noticed you from Ohio. What city in Ohio? I live in Columbus, OH.


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    I live in Columbus as well.

    I think to install you simply browse to the ZIP file, not the .py file. But I have never tried installing them using the built-in system. I just simply unzip the AddOn and then copy the folder inside to the addons folder of Blender itself.

    On my system the path is:
    E:\Documents and Settings\Admin\My Documents\Blender\27_Builds\blender-2.70-windows64\2.70\scripts\addons

    On a Mac you have to actually right-click on the app and show the contents of the internal folder structure for the app. Then drop the AddOn into that addons folder.

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    Do you know if there's any alternative to the BlendText script (doesn't work in 2.7)?

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    Men you are god like you improve blender so much i cannot believe it!

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    thanks for the replies. i need a lot of help.

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    Where is the link to download Meshfoot? Thanks!

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    Hi, I have the same question, how can I download RE:Group? Helps!!

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    Please help, I never Locate the

    link to download Meshfoot?

    I searched everything but to no result

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    Hi, where is the link to download Meshfoot or diffrent addon for import to Blender OBJ mesh sequences.
    Please HELP

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    but I am still puzzled where is the download for Blendergraph?

    And more, I suggest to update every first post with the lastest download/buy url
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    He's dead.

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    Atom is dead?? Is that really so??

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    I came here to thank him for his boid blend. Helped me sort it out. RIP.

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