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    Control Blender Verbosity when starting from command line

    I'm running a fairly long script that is supposed to give my customer information about where we're at. But when I run it Blender tells me about every little thing it does. I don't need to know every single path cycles traced. How can I set verbosity. I found this:
    --verbose <verbose>
    but neither <quiet> <silent> silent or -silent didn't do any changes, no error neither, just seemed to ignore it.
    what are the options and what do I need to type?
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    Yeah, I'm having the same issue. Logging bloat. I have tried
    sudo blender -b *.blend -noaudio --python  ../  > null
    But I want my script to output via "print" statements. Any way to dial back the blender command line output?

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    It doesn't sound like a reliable setup to print messages and hope blender doesn't do the same.
    If you want your output separate, just write it to a file, much easier.

    Anyway, a quick check of the code suggests --verbose 0 is the lowest level of logging you can do. I don't think it makes too much difference.

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    Generally, you have 5 types of log:
    error, info, warning, debug, none
    Didn't try but maybe you could. And don't add "-" or "<" before the value.
    blender -verbose number
    none: 0
    info: 1
    warning: 2
    error: 3
    debug: 4
    Not sure about that

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