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    Originally Posted by Looch View Post
    When you do quick batch render, can it "render to image sequences" each of the scenes, but at the end take the result and put it back into the editor, or maybe do a render of the resulting sequence to a video in the desired settings?.
    If I understand your question correctly, you are basically looking for the ability to render scenes to image sequences, auto-import those back into another scene, and then render those out as videos?

    My script can render strips to image sequences and import them back in automatically, but you wont be able to cancel/resume any of the renders... (I dont know if this would be possible to handle reliably either... I could set it up to check for existing files, but that would prevent someone from replacing an old render if they changed something...)

    Also, there is no way of automatically re-rendering everything, but it would be easy enough to change the render settings to a video format, and batch render again.

    is there an option fo setting the "input color space" to several videos?.
    Unfortunately, there is no 'copy to selected' option for that setting, so no.
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    This is amazing work. Thank you Snu

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    Wow amazing! I was just looking for a way to ripple edit, and this is brilliant! I might have missed it in all the comments, but is there a way to make an imported image, that isn't the exact same aspect ratio fill the screen, either outside or inside, but keeping the aspect ratio?

    - The first image below is what it looks like, it's streched horizontally almost 50%.
    - The second one could be one option, where it fills the width, but I lose some of the image above/below.
    - The third one contains the entire image, with black bars on the sides

    I'd like this for my story board images, that are random sizes, but I'd like them as big as possible, but not stretched as they are now. Sorry if this is totally outside the scope of this awesome script, but just wanted to ask..


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    Blenders VSE will always stretch to fit (vertical and horizontal. If you turn on crop then you'll loose parts of the image that exceed the project dimensions. To use a strip you'll need a transform effect that repairs the ratio difference between source dimensions and project dimensions. Sadly theres no auto function, just a little math. Look at your strip properties for original dimensions.
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    Version 0.92 is now available.
    Added a new panels: QuickCuts and QuickTags.
    Also, QuickList is a lot nicer looking now, and more useful I think.

    QuickCuts provides a simple interface with some cutting operations like trimming left/right, ripple cut/delete, and even uncut to undo a cut. It also has some buttons for automatically setting up the timeline. See the wiki documentation for more details on each function.

    QuickTags implements metatags for sequences, you can add text snippets to sequences, and select strips by tags. Tags can also be shown in the QuickList panel. I dont use this much, so if any of you find this useful, please give me some feedback on it!

    A full list of changes:
    Added QuickTags for adding metadata text tags to strips
    Reworked QuickList interface
    Added reverse sorting in QuickList
    Added ability to switch strip with previous/next in QuickList
    Revamped QuickMarkers UI, also adding a marker over a current marker will now rename the current marker
    Added QuickCuts, a panel and menu for specialized cutting operations and easy timeline adjustments
    More code cleanup and documentation of functions and classes
    Reworked frame skipping, can now play in reverse when active, and should work better with slow playback

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    Great work here! Have you considered suggesting your VSE functions for Blender 2.79?

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