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    How to determine video format

    I want to find out the video format of a file (came as a file with no extension) how should I go about this (windows xp home if it helps).

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    Hmmm... try File>>Open>>All files>>[the video] in whichever movie player you're using. If it works, go to Properties and see if anything helpful shows up.

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    Thanks! I have found out it is a dv file. Do you know any programs I can use the convert it to an avi (blender an virtualdub my normal programs don;t recognise it.

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    Try the RAD Video Tools. Great app for converting stuff. Get it at:

    I hope it helps!

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    I use avicodec, a useful little open source program the gives detailed information on video files. If you ever get stuck again it's worth a look.

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    Thanks I have converted them using the rad video tools. (I have had them on my HD for a while but only used them for playing and compressing.

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    Just so you know a dv file is an avi and is saved with that extension.

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