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    x3d's from Paraview to Blender 2.70a

    Hi. Im trying to use the script to animate a series of exported x3d's (from Paraview) to Blender 2.70a.
    Im having the problem that the menus at the bottom (ANIM button etc) doesnt appear.
    Have someone tried it?

    PS1: The page is
    PS2: Im running Ubuntu 12.10 and the path of my vtkpython is
    export PYTHONPATH

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    The last update on that page was 6 years ago so is referencing a very very old version of blender. Since that date the interface of blender has changed. Also any scripts that were written for that old version of blender will not work with versions of blender after 2.50

    You can always get the last version of blender that had this interface (blender 2.49) from the site

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    Hi there,

    This reply is very late coming, but I wanted to mention that the VTKBlender script has been updated for recent versions on Blender and VTK. It was also moved to GitHub and can be found here:


    (First post in 8 years!)

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