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    ADD-ON: vfxtoolbox

    Hey guys,

    As part of my Bachelor Thesis I've developed a little addon for a faster organization and reconstruction of vfx shots. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to import human readable animation data from other packages or generated data and apply it to the existing objects.


    The Add-on can be found with a documentation on github.

    Finally, I hope the tool also helps somebody else. I think there is still a lot to do, like exporting animations as ascii table or improve the projection workflow in blender but I hope its a solid base. So let me know if you have some ideas or suggestions to improve the tool.

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    Great Tool!
    I have allows me to insert it into meta-tools!
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    Super cool film you guys did with the add-on! Before someone else does it, I might as well ask, if it would be possible to make a quick video tutorial on how you use your add-on to solve a live action shot? What's your prefered workflow and how do you use the add-on to speed things up?
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    gr8 tools. Thanks!
    sometimes VFX shelf be gone from menu! This is bug!
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    Thanks Plyczkowski!
    @tin2tin: yes try to do it in my spare time next 2-3 weeks...
    @RoN34: Thanks, but i think its not, you have to select something in the 3d viewport.
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    Thanks mkbreuer. I am honored.

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