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    Addon - Balance vertex groups

    Balance the weight of two vertex groups.

    Download: Balance Vertex Groups

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    Thanks.I missed such function in blender.Maya has a similar tool.I am sure that I'll find a lot of ways to use your addon.

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    Could you explain please what it does, that's not the same as Normalize?


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    K. Ive added a file below with some verts selected.
    In edit mode, it balances the weight between two vertex groups, for the selected vertices.

    So first, enable addon, select the active vertex group, then select a second vertex group (Bone and Bone.001 for example).
    Then select a vert or a set of vertices, then move the Balance slider.
    This should balance the weight of the verts between the vgroups/bones.

    Its a bit like the normalize operator though that op only normalizes weight thats already been applied.
    The Balance operator or slider, shares the weight between 2 vertex groups when executed.

    I usually use this to apply weight in edit mode for joints, like hip, shoulder, elbow, knee.
    It makes applying weight between bones easier.
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    Exactly. This scripts helps a lot especially in troublesome areas to balance the weight selecting two vertex groups of two bones at once.
    The easiest case you may encounter is where head and tip of two bones meet ( said in other programs words where the joint is): imagine to be there adjusting weights for an elbow or for an ankle or a knee. You make your pose break down pose poses on your timeline then, after selecting thigh bone and adding in the vertex group of this addon the leg vertex group you can use the slider to balance weight quite easily, what is taken from one vertex group is given to another.

    Without this script of course you might use the brushes, some like add , subtract, lighten, darken in many case come handy. From my point of view brushes are like a first step roughly weighting to make finer job by numbers, where it's needed.

    Another way I use is doing the math in n panel: without this script I could just write + or - after the numbers in the specified vertex group and what I give to one I take from the other... but that's longer way. This script maks things so far easier thanks to its balance button and thanks to the handy slider to balance the weight. That's why I said this should become a standard for blender.
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