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Thread: [Addon] Animation Nodes

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    Render Cycles, too, gave such an error in the animation. Example did not stay.
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    I have python-3.6, and want to try compile AN
    How to do that?
    Thnak you.

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    This forum is the wrong place to talk about how to compile AN. Please create an issue for that on Github.
    Also you definitly have to provide some more information like what OS you use and what Blender version you use (also which Python version runs inside your Blender build)

    Here is how compilation works on windows: http://animation-nodes-manual.readth...p/windows.html
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    I cannot use Animation Nodes 2 in my computer. Blender says I have other version and I have to unnistall, but I tried almost everything without any success. I need help guys...

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    I just delete the plugin from the addons folder and still says I have another version. I tried to install and unnistall blender 2.79 and I still see all the addons I'd installed, included animation nodes. I don't know what to do.

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    if W, also check in your roaming folder

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    Thank you burnin. I just enter in the forum to say I solved it and find your nice reply. The problem was the roaming folder and my OS is windows 10. Next time I will provide more info.

    And now that I'm here, I only want to say thanks Jackes Luke for Animation Nodes. With the new denoiser in Blender 2.79, and your amazing plugin, I can't start to make more works in Blender (I'm Motion Graphic Artist)

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    Cycles render I made a while back for a desktop background. Single mesh continuous mesh(not separate rectangles) is generated using noise for height values. In image its set to 256^2 squares (65536), (392,192 tris).

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    Hello People, i need some help ... yesterday finale i would work with the AN Addon, and saw a few tutorials. till i saw, i didnīt had the subprogramms button. oke then iīve downloadet AN 2.0.4. iīve removed the old AN 1.5 then installed the new one, but i could not activate it ...
    everytime i would check the checkbox to activate it i become following message ...

    2017-09-18 at 14-50-58.png

    ... but i donīt no what to todo. My OS is Windows 8, an Blender Version 2.79. Do you have an idea?

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    @K3KZ perhaps you'll have to manually remove the old install in the Roaming Data folder indicated in the error message?
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    Working on spider web generator. Still needs improvements, but here's the result:


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    Originally Posted by karlis.stigis View Post
    Working on spider web generator.
    Wow, nice! At some point I was also working on a spiderweb generator, first as an add-on and later in Animation Nodes. But I never finished it and it wasn't as advanced as yours!
    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing more results.
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    Originally Posted by 3pointEdit View Post
    @K3KZ perhaps you'll have to manually remove the old install in the Roaming Data folder indicated in the error message?
    Thx but no, iīve watched the folders after deinstalling, but there was nothing. so iīve tryed it again, there it shows me that 3 scripts was missing (antland, add Chain and material utils). so i installed them ( i donīt no why they was deinstalled) and try it again but i become the same error message like below.

    iīve checked even the method on the troubleshootingpage with reinstall visuall c++ but nothing

    so iīve saw that there was an another build of Animation Nodes 1.6, this works. but 2.0.4 doesnīt

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    Web generator! Great!
    Is it/ will it be possible to create something like

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