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    "It only stops raining when you get home" - Blenderguru competition(Now on Skecthfab)

    Hey guys, it's me again! As you can see, I've stopped working on the BMW yet again, but this time with an actual reason. I don't think a Blenderguru comp will ever be about making a car, so I definitely needed to grab this opportunity since it's probably going to be the closest thing to my interests and skill. It's not like I think I'm going to win, but I do believe I have some chance of being a Finalist, which would make me really happy. Anyways, even if I haven't done something really really new for me, it was one of my first times modelling a little environment, and doing rain (first time).. so, I'd say that could be very much improved. But I just hope I get some points for the actual design of the car, which I had a great time doing. You can't see it in these pics, but it's fully modelled, even the chassis. So, maybe I should explain how it works, shouldn't I?

    The concept is really basic. On the front, just below that glass in the hood, there's a decently sized nuclear reactor, which boils a liquid called thelsium (it has the very best properties for this kind of application) and a pump makes it go through Tesla turbines which are coupled directly to the fans. Each of these fans can rotate around 2 axis so you can make the vehicle move in any direction. After that, the thelsium makes it way through the intercooler and back to the turbine.

    Right now I don't have any more time left to type, so I'll just leave some pics here.

    Render I submitted to Bguru:

    Click here for 4K (WARNING: HUGE FILE) (only if you download it, Google Drive preview isn't actually 4K).

    *Open the images in a new tab to see them in full size*

    So, just a little edit here with some useful links of things I'm writing in this thread:

    - Story behind the project, or rather chuncks of it

    - How it was made (WIP images)

    - Carpaint node

    - Sketchfab update!:

    PLR HC-CS by Velstyde on Sketchfab
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Awesome!!! I love the design, the paint, the environment, and the raindrops push this over the top. Good luck in the competition.

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    Very nice work, i think you should win this time... in spite of i have participated too.

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    if i were blenderguru, i WOULD pick this as the winner.
    dude that material just tells exactly how you would feel when you touch it. Best.
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    This looks like a luxury car of the future

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    so badass As allways - very nice work impreza!

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    Definatly one of the top 3 entries so far, certainly has a good chance of winning. good luck

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    Paint shader is amazing. The design is also truly unique. Amazing work.

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    Truly amazing.
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    insanely good work, good luck

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    This deserves a triple A rating. AAA. Absolutely amazing artwork

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    Excellent work!

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    Great job. I love these three renders without the environment.

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    Best one I've seen yet; you truly deserve to win! The renders are amazing!

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    Great vehicle. i love the concept and the whole finished model. I specially like the first two renders. They magnify more the model IMHO

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    Whoah ! That look great, mind you to share some node from vehicle ? If not good job !

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    I like the fourth render the best because of the colours used in there. I think he combination of the reddish orange taillight with the overall greenish blue tone of the render is quite eye-catching and directs your view in a certain way. Overall I'm most impressed by the complicated but perfectly smooth looking shape of the vehicle especially when I think about how much trouble I had modelling a usual much simpler shaped car. Great work!

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    This is a really great job, keep up

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    Wow, I absolutely didn't expect this many comments, not to mention so positive! Really, I barely have time to read them!

    I was planning to add some more renders in this post, but sadly I haven't had time to make them yet, particularly the interior, though I'm not so satisfied with it. (You'll have to excuse me, it's just my second one.) I do not guarantee I'll post those renders, but I'm quite sure I'll post an animation sometime soon, since I did rig the whole model (or rather did some parenting), so you can see how it works.

    Well, at least I'll answer the comments.

    @Rance Brown: Thanks a lot, man! I'm really glad you liked the environment, since it's really my first time doing an environment for a model. It was actually really close to not looking good at all. The glass wall with the touchscreen was a last-minute idea and I almost didn't make it in time. Before, I was experimenting with different metallic textures.. and you can imagine it ruined the whole render. I guess what makes this render is the fact that I did not leave any (major) things that I didn't like or were wrong.. There are actually some mistakes here and there, but I just didn't have time to fix them.. Good thing I began with this more than 3 weeks ago, lol. Also, I really like your hot-rod model, you've really got modelling talent, not to mention the great backplate intergration. Thanks a lot for your comment!

    @jean_pierre2005: Thanks! I'm not sure at all that I'll win though, there are many other talented artists in this community as well, just like you. Your render is one I particularly liked, mainly for the background and the metal textures on the vehicle, and it looks really proffesional, save for a few details. You've definitely got potential!

    @pranavjitvirdi: Glad you think that! Funny thing about the material, is that it's actually a pretty old one, and I only discovered it again when I was doing the Skyline, and realised that just with a few tweaks it could look pretty good.. and I'm guessing it does.

    @juanrav: Yeah, it's supposed to

    @Scott Graham: Thanks man! I would rather call it classy tho, hahah! Your entry is pretty good too, the materials give it a very realistic touch, except perhaps the body paint.. But really, I've seen many motorcycle-type submissions, and I like yours the best! And that means I REALLY like it, because, you know, I'm not that much into bikes.. But yours has got a really sleek silhouette which I love, as well as the composition (background + flare).

    @Small Troll: Yeah, there are some really good entries, I think I know which ones you're referring to, and thanks for the positive comment!

    @BlackBart: Thanks a lot! Really, this project was special to me. I now realize that this design has been in my heads since I was 6 or 7, when I would imagine cars with similar designs to this one, dreaming I could build them one day, and getting really (really really) frustrated because I wasn't able to draw them out, thus thinking I would forget about the amazing cars I thought of forever. Well, turns out not. I think this has been my motivation to learn blender in the first place. This is literally a dream come true. I made it. I can finally show the world the "cars" I invent. I'm still very young, and I'll make sure to improve a lot from now on, but this kind of a big milestone for me.. I guess the result comes from the intensity of the motivation. Anyways, thanks for the comment.

    @pitiwazou: thanks!

    @sheepHD: Thanks. I did check your render. First, I'd like to state I'm definitely not a pro, Blender is just a hobby for me (although when I think of it, maybe it has really become something more). But if you're still willing to accept my advice, here I go: First thing is the material / lighting, it just doesn't let me understand to shape of your model because it's too reflective: in some areas the contrast is so high it looks like the paint is another colour. That'd be the most important thing. Modelling is not perfect, but it's not a bad attempt either, and I can see the design's got some nice ideas. Also, the background doesn't really fit at all.. Well, enough critique. I'm guessing you're a beginner, and that wasn't bad at all, specially having in mind that you did it in a week. How did I make my model so advanced, you ask? Well, I noticed the competition when there were still 23 days left, which was pretty much the beginning. Also, I didn't start high school until 22th Sept, I believe, which means I had half a week free just to work on this. Still, I didn't finish until this saturday, and then I had to send it over to a friend to render overnight, lol, since he has a GTX 780 and I have a 650Ti which doesn't even have half the memory to render this thing. And it still took 7h to render. Oh right, I was trying to explain the process... Back on it, I worked on this project EVERYDAY since I started, giving it 100% of my free time, staying till 1AM on schooldays (more on the weekends).. I don't even want to count the hours I spent on it. I have a rough idea, and it scares me. But then, time you enjoy "wasting" (in case I don't win), isn't wasted time. And for me, just these comments I'm getting are worth it. So, I guess all I have to say is that, everything is possible if you try hard enough. But experience plays a huge factor though. This work is kinda my 2nd Anniversary of using Blender

    @rrtk: thanks a lot!

    @minoribus: hahah, I see what you did there, thanks! Also, I'm a big fan of "The forgotten Harbour" thread!

    @ifcruickshank: thanks!

    @gumen: Thanks! Funnily enough, those are just HDR-lit.. nothing fancy there. Just some compositing.

    @ShadowCamero: Thanks a lot, but are you sure you've seen some of the other entries?

    @FredHystair: Thanks a lot! I have to give credit to my father and my grandma because they gave some really useful advice respecting the angle of the camera.. Now that I look at the original position I gave it, it really is an improvement.

    @3d|slider: Sure, I'll just post it in a separate post, because I think this one is starting to get big...

    @R.R. Glad you like it. You'd be surprised, because I didn't really give that render much of a thought.. I simply thought I had to show the back of the model in at least one render. It was pretty spontaneous: "Oh look, this angle looks cool, let's render it". About the body, it was actually quite a bit tricky to get an idea-I-had-in-my-brain-in-who-knows-what-way-the-brain-thinks-in to actually look good in reality, or 3d this case. I remember spending the first week of the project just polishing and changing the body. I'm really glad the effect of my work is visible to you. Just to prove the point, I think I'll post a Google Drive folder with all the wip pictures.

    @tadine: thanks a lot!
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