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    Dynamic text - Addon

    In order to be able to modify 3D text through time, I created this addon.


    With this addon, you can :
    - Choose text in a particular frame
    - Be able to use number into the text which can be useful I you want to animate it. It's possible to use a float value and a customisable Timer.
    - Add transition (only available with the Blender Render)
    - "Bake" everything : That's mean you can convert one text "script dependant" into a lot with keyframe integrated but which doesn't need this script anymore. Can be useful if you plan to export your text into another project.

    Link :

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    go try the animation nodes addon, you can definitelly do the same with it and other stuff too.

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    yeah ! Animation nodes is a great tool for many things. Though the typewriter effect seams to be the only one possible at the moment (or showing a line after another is quite easy too)

    animation nodes typewriter test.png

    But your FADE option sounds great (couldn't make it work though), could you share a .blend as a demo or make a video tut ?

    But I agree with Looch, try to put your talent inside Animation Nodes Project (by creating more text nodes), that would be even better !

    cheers !

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    I never heard of the "animation nodes" addon before this 2 posts. Looks like a good one

    I created a simple video on how to use the "Dynamic text" addon (don't forget to activate annotation).

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    thanks for the tutorial, now we really understand what your addon does !
    Indeed most of that can be done with animation nodes, except for the fade part (but I may be wrong as there is a shader output too)
    If I may, I don't see much use at the moment to this addon unless it gets more powerfull and easier to use. A typerwriter effect would be a good start...

    Few weeks ago, I created a fake addon capture like this to explain what I'd love to see in Blender text. I know it's a lot of work, and probably not doable only in python... but if you or any coders is ready to tackle the 'text for motion graphics' part in Blender, I'm ready to help with my experience as an motion designer.


    good luck !

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