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    Addon: Batch shape key splitting from vertex groups

    Hey there!

    I'd like to share with you my first serious small addon: a tool to batch split a shapekey into various sub-shapes with given of vertex groups. It was thought as a mean to extract '_L' and '_R' shapes from a symmetrical one but you can add an unlimited number of vertex group masks for any given shape.

    Here's a quick reference, although the tooltips should be enough self-explanatory. A quick use and you'll get it


    And here's the zip with an example .blend and the above reference:

    I'll be using it along with the superb Shape Key to Bone Constraint @ndee wrote.

    Hope you find it useful. I don't have much time to maintain the addon but will try to at least get it up to a git repo so anyone can contribute, and update it if I work with it ofthen enough to need to improve it myself.

    See you!
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    wow @floo, great .gif! You just relieved me from making an actual video tutorial :3

    My little addon being in blender addon list blog just made my day ^^

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    Thats a pretty will make my shape key job easy!!

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