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    sorry for not giving any update, I just have moved the topic here:

    Minor update: you can choose the X and Y resolution independently, you can bake an emissive map, fixed AO denoising's color space and the add-on uses the very permissive MIT License.

    I did a pause on the addon to find ideas on how to improve it like tests to generate high poly assets:

    And I have searched how to improve the curvature generation and how to generate a smooth curvature map. I have finally found how to generate the smooth curvature map from a normal map today, this will be added in the addon:

    curvature smooth setup.png

    You can download the node setup here:

    And how to texture a game character automatically:

    texture a character.png

    All the explanations can be found here:
    Normal to curvature map:
    Normal to curvature smooth map:
    Baking a thickness map:
    Create fake hand painting:
    Bake a position map:
    Bake an object space normal correctly:
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