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Thread: A new fork of the engine

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    Yay. I seen some of the video, but I decided to do this later as it requires a bit of thought...

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    Originally Posted by TwisterGE View Post
    @ADVANCESSSS check my latest blog post about this:

    Here I teach exactly how you should use this feature
    Ah! Thanx for this. Now i get it working. This is so awesome.

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    made this in upbge today :3
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    Nice to see that BPR. It would be better to see the effect on a smooth high-res human model with a full hd texture though. Then we can also see if there is any need for improvements.

    What about an object reflection its light onto other objects? What about multiple bounces (maybe 1 bounce)? What about just making a real trace system for lights instead of cubemap hacks?
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