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    @burnin 145 samples would be nice, i thought 1000 samples would give a noise free result.
    Maybe your rendering GPU and so larger tiles, and that would require more samples ?.
    From above i'd say it would be best to use 1b.
    The others are interesting too, but it might be to noisy i think to be a target goal to solve for a neural network.
    (the globe map on the wall is too random)
    Although i'm often surprised what they "can learn".

    Maybe if possible do a 145/2 = ~ 72 samples of 1b, and 72 samples of a bit improved darker version ?.
    Perhaps use light portals (not sure if its used) for the darker versions, if the current denoiser helps on the darker version then enable it on that one, keep lighter as is alike 1b.

    Oh also animate the seed value, as the neural network should not learn the static sample distribution; as i once spotted that.

    PS my plan would be to write a 2d Network might be single hidden layer still or multi, but first layer would consist of various areas from different frames
    ea from
    9x9 part of frame 4,
    7x7 part of frame 3,
    5x5 of frame 2
    3x3 of frame 1
    and let it solve center 1 pixel on frame 1, .. as a kind of funnel, let the NN choose the best pixel based upon (likely) future neighbors.
    Though i have some other plans to test as well above would probaply the first, after i've finished my GF kitchen repair / makeover )

    PS might sound as small number of pixels, but store HSL data (thats times 3) and i store some more statistical data as wel for input probaply, so it quickly counts up. maybe i will use even less pixels, i dont use Keras or so, i got my own training methods that works quite well (as i rather create networks who i can understand and improve then create huge 'beasts' of unknown magic, what seams pretty popular these days, i still prefer the old days of elegant code and smart tricks.
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    - Am working with dailies (render using GPU+CPU together).
    - Yes, Light portal is added.
    - Clamping was OFF, why so much noise is present. Clamping now ON.
    But it darkens the result. Why i was assuming raw results are preferred (physically more accurate as more energy/light is distributed). eg.


    Would it be useful if second part (darker version) is further split into 2 parts (40 frames each)? Will this do?

    1. LIGHT
    /Frames 001-080 @ 1000 samples (denoise OFF)

    2. DARK / Frames 066-145

    a) 066-105 @ 1000 samples (denoise ON - *splotches/flickering will occur in animation)

    b) 106-145 @ 2000 samples (denoise OFF - animation will be grainy, but bit less flickery)

    Motion Blur: ON or OFF?
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    second part darker 2 times 40 is fine, ..
    In the end i will train the neural net like this.
    I divide the frames in images, from which i take tiles, as an array of tile[x,y,frameN] so width 40 frames it would still mean i have lot of tiles to train from.

    Maybe then keep denoise off, flicker behavior is not what i currently would be able to handle, maybe as input but not for a validation data set. (your creating a validation data set, ea the goal the neural network has to learn).

    Motion blur would be OK ( in fact i rather have it ), as it doesn't make it complex, but it is how animators usually render.
    (should be on by default in blender i think)

    Also for the camera motion, can you save the blend as well (with your motion), as i'd like to render low quality as well, basically that would be the input, while your rendering should be the output to train.

    I had not time to code, i might need 2 weekend more to rebuild the kitchen, after that i hope i will have some time.
    Or maybe i will have some luck at work sometimes i can code my neural nets there, as we use them there to (industrial/vision).

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    Hey, sorry for late reply.

    Just confirming that i'm OK with the deal & specs also, no other comments from my side.
    Will provide specified renders & the scene file. Hopefully this week or the next - this month for sure

    Since it's same here... Lack of time. Busy & hectic nowadays, since everyone's getting ready for winter festivities during Happy December & then the Final holidays.

    Will keep you posted

    bye, bye
    & wish you do good work on renovation

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