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    Originally Posted by 3DLuver View Post

    Lukas updated the temp denoise branch so this is the experimental version from that with as many additions as i could make.

    Lukas 20 April update:!9sRCUBTL!kcvASWpmg...GR8g64OZxDvVyA

    Build includes:

    Opencl&Cuda_GPU Denoise system (This is Lukas latest Denoise code system)
    GPU Denoise Multi GPU support (Even in Viewport, Def works for Cuda but not tested multiple Opencl GPU)
    Scramble Distance added for solbol and multi jitter (works on CPU & GPU) Also added to Supported features render tab
    Blue Noise Dithered Sobol with scramble
    Thread DiverganceSort Reduction patch (Gives 30% speedup in classromm and 8% in barcellona)
    Latest Master
    Cycles: Implement persistent storage for all scene data (Patch D2613)
    Cuda & Opencl Supported
    Disney BSDF
    Compositor SMAA Node
    Material Node editor New Noise lyapuno/ mandelbulb Procedural Additions
    How to use denoise in this build? There is no "Use LWR filtering" button in the sampling panel like the build in the first page

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    here is a test with shadow catcher and denoising, for me it looks strange.
    The groudplane is a shadow catcher-objekt, the denoiser is giving a strange result when i turn subsurface off.

    build: blender-2.78.0-git.82bcfb9-windows64, 20.04.2017
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    Originally Posted by FieryVeins View Post
    How to use denoise in this build? There is no "Use LWR filtering" button in the sampling panel like the build in the first page
    You now have a whole Denoise panel in scene properties

    what material is sss shader assigned to?
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    the groundplane has a simple diffuse material. so there is no subsurface material in this scene...

    Edit: it doesent matter witch one of the denoise-channel is deactivated, a shadow-catcher needs all of them
    !! 2. EDIT: when using the compositor and enabling premultiply the problem is gone. it's just in the renderlayer, not in the combination with an extern background-image !!

    The square black-boxes dissaper when i turn off causticsClick image for larger version. 

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    Hi, I'm having also square black boxes, but disabling caustics did nothing.
    Black boxes only on GPU (opencl).
    AO Simplify did not work on GPU (opencl).
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