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Thread: Reflected Fate

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    Aww. My reply never went through. Anyways, I watched you on YouTube a couple of times. So it's quite an honor to see ya here!
    Thanks for your kind words. Many people were a bit skeptical whether I could do it or not. But many had a lack of understanding on how MMORPG worked. Many thought you needed to have high budget to buy a server and a website which wasn't the case. Some believed BGE didn't support networking, and well, they were wrong. Some believed I'd give up. But at the end, I kept with it and got to where I am today. Thankfully there were a few people who supported me. More of my friends. But all-in-all, I am happy to have read such a wonderful comment.

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    Wow looks great , how did you manage to add an online feature to yr game?
    I know its an MMORPG i know but what servers / Html .... What connects the players together so that they can see each other?

    I like this game too ....

    Current project's: (BGE & UPBGE are the best ive ever used) Latest:http://Speed Racer A Whole New World 2 (2017) (WIP)

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    To:AudioFreakXD hey bro i totally agree to your previous statement:
    I hope I have answered all the newbies who are constantly told Blender is a horrible engine to make a game on. It's a great engine and you can do whatever you want on it
    Same im doing for the Game Engine , to give it a great name as well ...
    Mann Goodluck with your project. (Keep up the good work ^_^)

    Current project's: (BGE & UPBGE are the best ive ever used) Latest:http://Speed Racer A Whole New World 2 (2017) (WIP)

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    Hm, my script just spawns objects when told there is a new person connected and then sends everyone connected to me their location, rotation, animation, etc.

    That's the way I know how to make a MP using Python at least. I hope that answers that question. As for the server. I am just using my computer to host the game. What connects the players? When you allow people to connect to your public IP address when using the same port your modem(I think) will accept data from the other machines. I hope I am giving you some idea/I am right. lol I am not an expert. The Python library I am using is called sockets, btw.

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    Wow this is just awesome, I allways want to learn game coding to make my own games, but I really failed on doing it, your work is great, and I really amazed of how fast you learned python, I tried many tmes but I just can't seem to do it, so I was like doing an online game is one of my dreams, but I don't think I'll be able to do it, so I just keept doing easy games using simple code, but I really wish you see your game runing one day,

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    The reason why I know so much already is because I have used a similar language in BYOND's Dream Maker game engine (which is a networking 2D (native and only) game engine that uses its own database/client to launch games. This game originally was going to be on that game engine but ended up turning into a 3D game project on Game Maker. As soon as I found that you can't load animations into Game Maker (easily) I switched to Blender and found it to be the best fitting. If you really wanna start on programming. Just make a bunch of games until you get good. I just kept asking questions on the API which is what I really needed help with because I was new to Blender Game ENgine API. APIs are basically builtin functions to rid the REALLY difficult coding. Anyways, I hope you for the best on your side. I really hope you will finally learn any language really.

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    Animations are now smoothed. Updated the graphics, the chat box has an added feature so now it will scroll when it reaches the bottom.
    Collision has been added.
    More to come soon! Hope you like it.

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    A Hard Choice -

    Got you. That was a bit of bait. But, there is bad news. I won't be working on the game everyday. It's getting in the way of what's really going on in life. So as of now, I will only work on this game when it fits my schedule. Typically, every Sunday and Monday when I don't have work. Whenever I have time work on this game I will. Thanks for following! The game-development will not end, but will take a bit longer to work on.

    I'll try to make a schedule on every new progress video/post. I will keep you all posted! Thanks.

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    Progress Report 06/19/2017

    Funny thing. I didn't know I was on the basic HTML version of the forums. So in my mind, I was thinking how awful it was. Then I find that I was looking at the HTML version and not the full version. So blonde of me.
    Off that topic here's what I have stacked up over some development on my game. These are quite important essentials to have.

    1.) Save (Save files to the HOST after logging out or disconnecting. I will not make the mistake of having their file saved on their side since they could easily play with the numbers and cheat).
    2.) Log out system (The log out system works by assuming you have disconnected the server. Sometimes if it takes awhile to receive from you or have bad internet you may be disconnected. However, I have tested out the system many times and it will only remove entities that seem to have disconnected. I am not sure. Alpha testing is needed on that).
    3.) Battle System (Not completed yet. The battle system took sometime trying to figure out on what to do to stop the cursor from scrolling infinite. Finally got the cursor to stop moving and only moves after pressing the button. I also have the time system. So every time the countdown has finished you can attack again.)
    4.) Another level (Using the same scene, but removes vertices from view when not on the platform.)


    Screenshot_14.pngEarly Village

    Don't read the chatbox. Lol

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    Sound's nice, but don't you think you should at least give the player time to reconnect, his desconnection might be timporary,

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    The user has time to reconnect. It doesn't give you a disconnection notice until seconds later. In a few seconds it will cut you off both ends. No worries, the game saves every-time the user disconnects from the server, and when they fix their issue they can just log bac in and start where they left off. Anything they were in the middle of will end.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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