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    There is an addon in contrib that takes the shortucts and exports them as SVGs.

    Will also pick up the other addons shortcuts too. Not perfect but it can help.

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    Going into 2.7x meanwhile (tying in with 2.8's focus on workflow and usability). The suspending of the rule to not try to break tutorials and the like is leading to a meaningful reorganization of various UI elements (yes, in Blender standard, not Bforartists).

    Even though it is going into the 2.7x branch, the patch, in all likelyhood at this point, will see the release logs when 2.8 is done (no more 2.7x releases save for some critical bugfixes).
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    Does 2.8 work on any Amd radeon cards since the 04/10 rev "9422db7" build?

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